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Foul Blightspawn. Freehand, washes, edge highlighting.

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I’m happy with the progress so far, but every time I take photos I can see missed spots or places that would benefit from more attention. 



Apologies for double post. Admins, Plz erase one of your choice. 

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I like it!

Pics are always harsh, at a certain point call it done..

Most things you will see in pics will not be visible to the naked eye.

Adjust what you deem necessary then move on.


This Nurgle follower is great!

Love the colours and the poisonous stuff oozing out .

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Love how you made the inside of the tank visible!  Great work!


I agree with the wolf, pictures will always show more than what is visible to the naked eye.  Especially with the cool extra bits you've added, like the tank and the ooze, those will draw anyone who is looking at the piece attention.

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What the wolf said! These look really good and the camera always makes it so that it looks a lot worse. Just as an example, if you miss a very, very tiny spot (like the size of a needle point) you might not see it at all when holding it in your hand, but take a pic of it, zoom in, and crop it, and it will look like you missed half the model!


Same happens with color transitions and the like. On camera they will never look as smooth as they do when you hold it in your hand. Basically, at the end of the day, you have to decide a) who are you painting for and b) to what level of quality are you going to be happy with? If you are just painting for yourself and your games, then those minor blemishes that only show up on really close inspection or on camera, are never going to be all that noticed. Now if you are painting for commission or for a competition, that might be a different story, but you get the idea.

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