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02511: Togruta Jedi


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8 minutes ago, Smokestack said:

Looks very nice. Where is the mini from? Or is this a conversion? If so, what minis went into it?


Also (not mini related) what system are you guys playing? Is this Force and Destiny, West End d6, or the D20 version?

She's converted from reaper's 02511: Midori. Just sliced off the bits I didn't want, and greenstuff'd the rest. Sorry, I had to post the photos on mobile, so I got a little lazy in the description.


As for the game, we're running on a 5e system. Our DM didn't feel like changing up the rules since he's quite partial to them lol.

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Welcome!  It's a wonderful paint job and the OSL looks very nice!


I'm glad you finally decided to post on here but you need not be afraid!  This is a VERY friendly place!  People will always give C&C when you request it but they very nice about it and give great critiques to help you improve.


Post more pics!  We love to see them

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I simply love the idea of the conversion which you have very sucessfully achieved. The OSL is a very high level technique and you seem to have nailed that too! Wonderful overall! 

Having said that, since you are here (which is wonderful news btw) you are looking for ways to improve and yes, this is the right place to be and as Necro very eloquently described this IS the most friendly and guiding forum in the internets. 


So what should you improve, well, I am no expert by all means but you could get a little practice in brush control which only happens by painting more minis.. If you are into boardgames, I couldnt suggest enough the practice value of painting the same unit over an over again.. Much like martial arts really :) So do your DM a favor by picking up high mini content games like Starwars Imperial Assault, paint them all up and give the minis to him/her as a humble means of thanks for his/her thankless duty.. ::P:


Welcome on board, enjoy the ride!

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