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The Future of Metal


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5 hours ago, haldir said:

I think Reaper would lose allot of fans/customers if they were to do away with metal completely, TBH. 


I for one am a mixed fan when it comes to Bones. Nice for the price but details lack on smaller ones. Big Bones, I'm definitely a fan for sure. 


3 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

I like big Bones, and I cannot lie!


Ditto! Small metal and big Bones ftw!

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1 hour ago, Ratmaster2000 said:


When a tiny little bones comes across my desk, I tell it to git!


Unless it is a goblin or a kobold. I don't really care about detail on flingable small monsters so Bones is fine there. They are my small Bones exception. 

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THB I probably have the same amount of bones that I do metal. That’s mostly to build up my collection as I like collecting minis.


I don’t think Metal has any worries unless the price of the metal skyrockets. Hopefully it doesn’t as I recall the old price of reaper’s miniatures. 


That said I love metal as I like the weight of them. The ease of straightening out a bent weapon. 


I love bones too for the price, it’s hrd to beat. I know there are other companies putting out (plastic) minis, however I love the Reaper minis. 

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 This topic comes up every couple of months and the answer is still the same - Reaper is not phasing out it's metal miniatures and has no plans to do so in the future.


Bear in mind that there are a couple thousand SKU numbers worth of metal minis that Reaper has produced in the time it's been in existence. And Reaper is still putting out new metal releases every month.

The Bones line only currently has a couple hundred SKUs worth of miniatures, nearly all of which have been produced solely due to the Kickstarters. Without the Kickstarters, due to the cost of the Bones molds Reaper would only be putting out a handful of Bones per year, rather than almost a dozen monthly.

What's triggering the perception of the metal miniatures lines taking a back seat to the Bones figures is that the wild successes of the Kickstarters have allowed Reaper to acquire what would otherwise have been decades worth of new mold purchases in the course of a few years. What you're actually seeing is simply the Bones line playing catch-up to the metal lines at a somewhat accelerated rate.


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13 hours ago, haldir said:

I think Reaper would lose allot of fans/customers if they were to do away with metal completely, TBH. 


I for one am a mixed fan when it comes to Bones. Nice for the price but details lack on smaller ones. Big Bones, I'm definitely a fan for sure. 

I would probably buy no little bones outside of kickstarter, if they quit making metal minis.  The detail loss is quite a bit in comparison to metal.  Chibis work ok in bonesium, but all the other tinies, aside from like skellies suffer from mush face.

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22 hours ago, Mehman said:

I was wondering if Reaper's metal miniatures are being phased out in favour of the Bones resin. It seems like there are more Bones releases than metal lately. This is probably unfounded, but I'd like to check.

Reaper has no intention of discontinuing Metal Production.  Our metal releases are consistently occurring monthly as scheduled.

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I've said this elsewhere, but will continue to post my opinion in these threads when they come up (in case Reaper should ever decide to put it to a vote . . .).  I prefer metal figs over any other medium and will continue to invest in even the largest figs if they are available in that medium.  Failing that, resin is my "go to" preference - and yes, I put my money where my mouth is by buying the first resin Mal-Drakar sold at ReaperCon 2016.  Bones is my medium of last resort, and I only buy these figs when I have no other options in acquiring a miniature.


The Egg   

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The best case for more metal will always be to buy more metal.  Fortunately, Reaper's catalogue is stuffed full of goodies so this shouldn't be a difficult thing to pull off.  I want more metal, so I've been raiding the catalogue like a bandit.  Even though the chances of Yephima making the transition to metal are slim, it makes a better case if I buy the existing giants, right?  If giants sell, maybe I'll get my wish.   


The way I look at it, every cool metal Reaper mini I buy is not just a cool metal Reaper mini, but also an investment towards more cool metal Reaper minis.  That's a pretty win situation, really.  The more I buy, the more I get to buy. 


I think of metal as a best friend, and a best friend that's easy to keep happy because cash is always the best way to show I care.  :wub: 

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