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Ok, this isn't a New year's resolution ( I don't make those), but I have decided that I need to get over the "I'm not good enough" thing and try to push myself to paint all those figures that I've been saving for 'some day'.

That day is NOW.


I grabbed this figure during a Black Friday sale for something like 4 or 5 bucks. Depending on where you get it from, it's usually more like 30. It's 28mm scale, but it stands pretty tall; I'm guessing it's 54mm tall or thereabouts. I'll get a proper picture with Sir Forscale a little bit later on.


I'd like you to help push me to do my absolute best with this guy, please. If you think something looks good, cool, tell me that. By the same token, if you think something doesn't look good, tell me that, too. I want you guys to 'break out the red pen' as Cyradis would say.


For reference, this is the figure I'm talking about (picture from the WWW, not my figure).






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I promise to monitor this thread and provide support and critique as you go.  You have set the bar high by providing us a comparison tool at the start...


But if you focus, I know you can manage this and impress us as well as yourself with what you achieve!

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If you like, show us what colourscheme you're going for and show us the actual paints you will be using/at your disposal..

That way we can help with colour choices, what to mix/blend etc..


Block in the major colours and start from there, tell us what you like to achieve.

When you are satisfied with it, it is done.


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That sounds good, but I haven't decided on a color scheme yet. I'm thinking about going darker than the picture from Scibor, though.


On 1/11/2018 at 5:45 PM, Bruunwald said:

I stand (actually, sit at my computer) in awe of you, for I have had the box set of the three of those figs for like... almost six years, and am still too intimidated to get to painting them.


You have my support in this endeavor.

Thank you, I hope I can do it justice.


Quick pic to give you all an idea of size.



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And it has begun!


Nothing terribly impressive yet, I just finished the green stuffing and assembly. I also got a coat of primer on him. I was gonna do him him grey, but the resin is grey and i wanted to be able to tell if I missed spots, so I did him sorta terra-cotta/fleshy colored.


....which just made me realize that he's almost all skin. What was I thinking?!? I'm really not all that great at skin.


Well, this IS supposed to be my 'no more i'm not good enough' figure, so here goes nothing.



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I haven't forgotten about this, I've just been in a bit of a funk the past couple weeks. I went out and got myself a wet pallet to start using with this guy, and then I didn't even open the darn thing. I'm hoping it'll help me out; I know it's not a magic fix it uper, but I've been having a hard time working on his skin so far because I'm either not making enough of the color I want, or it dries up and I need to remix some more, hoping I got the ratios correct.


It's a little hard to tell, but I've done some more work on his skin.




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