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77591 Frost Giant King - WIP

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So I’ve been working on this for a little while now and figured I would start a WIP for it.  I’ve been pretty excited about the bones 3 giants being released and this is the first one I’ve got my hands on.


I did did a little boiling and ice water to try straightening out the sword and spear a little bit.  Seemed to work but the sword has bent back a little as you’ll see in some later pictures.




I used my new air brush I got for Christmas to do some priming.  I used a 3:1 mixture of brown liner and Vallejo white primer to get a greyish brown primer. 




Next I did the skin.  Used Vallejo deep sky blue, sky blue and blue wash for the skin. 









The next pictures jump ahead quite a bit.  Everything is base coated and I’ve worked on the eyes and mouth some more along with finishing up the inside of the cape, pants / boots and the bottom of his tunic that sticks out from under the armor.  I also just noticed there’s a section of this last part that’s in between his legs and under his armor that I forgot to paint up.  I also just placed the arms on for some pics.  I’m still waiting to assemble those.














This is where I’m currently at with everything.  Overall I’m pretty happy.  The eyes are a little uneven and I might try to go back and fix the left one later on.  For now though I’m gonna move on to finishing up the rest first.


Comments and suggestions welcome!



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Thanks Glitterwolf! I finally had some more time to work on him.  I started working on the armor.  I highlighted some details in gold and went over them with an umber wash to dull the color a little.  I also washed with black all the dark silver parts of armor and weapons.  


From here I worked on the sword and spear metal.  I think it’s close to finished up.  I might revisit it at the end.  Then I worked on his sword scabbard that will be mostly hidden under his arm.  I wanted to get that out of the way now.


I think I’m pretty much ready to finish assembly now.  





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So I finally got some time to get to this here this weekend.  I didn’t take any pictures along the way.  Guess I was just being lazy.  I think for the most part everything is complete on the giant.  I primed the base I’m planning for him and once he is clear coated I’ll get at least pins ready before painting the base.




From where I left off before, I first assembled the arms.  The sword arm really didn’t need any green stuff to fill gaps.  The spear arm however did.  I filled a little bit along the top and sides.  I primed the green stuff and touched up the areas that needed it and also tried to fix th me highlights in the two arms.


Next I finished up the Metallics on the armor.  This took a little bit.  Shaded the steel and went back over the dulled up gold to add highlights.




Then I went on to work on the beard.  I left the bluish gray base coat only in the deepest recesses.  From there I highlighted up to pure white.




From here I worked on the outside of the cloak. Lots of drybrushing.  I tried to get the high areas decently lighter than the rest.  I also worked on the fur on the backside of the boots at this point.  The texture wasn’t as good here and the dry brushing came out kind of flat.  I may revisit these and look at adding some highlights.




Next I worked on the dagger, axe handle and spear shaft.  These all turned out pretty well.  I used some recommendations from a post in the tips and advice forum for maple wood.  It still took quite a while for me to experiment and figure out the look I ended up with. 



Lastly was the horns.  These I’m not super happy with but tried to use some pictures of actual horn to add some texture and unevenness to them.  These may also get touched until in the future if I can figure out what I want to do with them.




Any comments or critique is welcome!

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