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Those of you who play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play know that wayangs are currently a legal race to play.  The picture of a wayang in the Advanced Race Guide has always reminded me of Vincent Price, so I got a little Vincent Price figure to do a paint job on for my wayang.  I have decided to make him a summoner based on the Abominable Dr. Phibes and make Vulnavia his eidolon.  Those of you familiar with the movie are aware that Vulnavia's most striking physical characteristics are that she is a beautiful woman and half the time she wears one of those furry Russian hats.  I tried a search on Reaper's site under "Russian" to see if anything came up with the hat and nothing did.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a figure I could use.


For another character I made a handlebar mustache and bowler hat using the green stuff that turned out reasonably well, but I doubt I could make a furry hat that didn't look like the character was being attacked by some sort of an ooze.

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There are the prepainted Pathfinder Battles, namely the Reign of Winter set that features Russians. Namely a solider & machine gunner. I know the MG has one but I'm not sure on the solider.




They are pretty cheap being a non-fantasy figure in a fantasy set + commons.

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Look at Copplestone Castings “Bolshevik  Heroines” as a possibility...



Pulp Figures also has a woman in a furry hat in their Count Casamiers set



And Artizan Designs’ ”Katya” 


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