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I was wondering if any one out there has a bottle of Vallejo Air Tank Brown?  I am looking for an equivalent of it. Is it just a deep dark brown?  Red Brown?


Unfortunately the dakkadakka or the other Vallejo conversion chart don't have Vallejo Air on them. 



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i believe that this is called 71.041 Armor Brown in Vallejo's lists.

And if they're temporarily sold out, there's loads of bottles available on eBay.


If you absolutely need a Reaper equivalent I'd look at Nut Brown, Ruddy Brown, Chestnut Brown or a mix of those.


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The name changed to Armor Brown. 


I would say some painters love it not only because of its shade, which is nothing spectacular, but because it behaves... oddly. It is a bit satin, a bit like a wash too (due to the density of Air paints, and this one is on the thin side of them). It blends great with most dark colors and helps add some shine into the shadow areas that painters like Ben Kometz love.


I like it, it is easy to use, and would say my RMS Ruddy Brown is similar if a bit too vibrant. A dash of a very dark green would correct it, but not help with the dullness of a Reaper Paint.

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To mix it in? Sure. I am just talking about its properties.


Just yesterday I got feedback from a client, to whom I had to deliver three minis unvarnished in a hurry. He admired how much nicer they were unvarnished; I explained that a lot of the control on textures and "feel" you achieve with metals and more satin-y paints is subtle and gets destroyed when fully varnishing the piece. It is a devil we need to live with if we want high-durability paintjobs on the table.

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