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60138: Sheila Heidmarch, Venture Captain painted up as a vampire

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19 minutes ago, Green Eyed Monster said:

That "smoodge" could be the basis for some interesting character lines.


Just a thought.


Probably so, but she is supposed to look flawlessly beautiful. :rolleyes:



27 minutes ago, Mierot said:

I'm loving this, Pingo! I have a few tiny Golden fluid acrylic bottles I've been meaning to play with. Seeing them in action is a wonderful prompt to just do it.


Huzzah, inspiration!



Edit: Please note, I am using Golden's Matte fluid acrylics. Their regular ones dry a bit shinier, and as you can see, the Phthalo Green dries a little shiny even when matte. Also it will permanently stain any synthetic brush hairs, although this will not affect subsequent color mixing.

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I tidied up the edge under the trim on her dress (currently painted bright yellow) and painted everything I plan to paint red, gold, or brown pure Red Oxide.


Iron oxide red is the traditional pigment to put under gilding. It seems to work pretty well under gold metallic paint too.


Haven' t fixed the smoodge on her forehead yet (Note to self).







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Yes! That green is perfect!


I need to do this to a mini...this is really spot on for velvet. Thanks for laying groundwork and sharing the process.


And gawds that face! The paper sheet of eyes clearly paid off.

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20 hours ago, Sanael said:

Yes! That green is perfect!


I need to do this to a mini...this is really spot on for velvet. Thanks for laying groundwork and sharing the process.


And gawds that face! The paper sheet of eyes clearly paid off.


Thank you!


The principle of the velvet seems to work. I painted it up faster than I would have liked ... but I guess that’s true for most of my work. :) Anyhow, the secret seems to be to get all the shading right in the black and white layer first before adding any color.

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I laid in some pure Golden Iridescent Gold on her.

DSC_0294-detail.jpg.76ddf9c852cd1c6937e8e33c94276383.jpg  DSC_0295-detail.jpg.9fe3a5410c9255d8e807f4fa37cbe3ef.jpg  DSC_0296-detail.jpg.a34c92355afbd32012b2b217766bba0a.jpg


I rather lost the fine detail in her hair, I'm afraid.


I washed some pure Carbon Black over her staff and accessories (I don't think I mentioned earlier. She comes also with a sword and a wand to be glued on at her belt, but I left them off to keep this figure simple, quick, and easy to handle.).



I thinly laid some Titanium White over her phials. I am going to paint them in a technique I use for jewels. It uses pure white at the bottom shading to dark at the top, then glazed over with a transparent jewel tone color (very like the velvet painting method, actually), then highlighted with pure Titanium White to show reflections.

DSC_0311-detail.jpg.ab6be06220259d4280b75adc913cde7b.jpg  DSC_0312-detail.jpg.9855d4ae01bf17a93bfd2a10068d5df1.jpg


This is the finished look (I also brushed a bit of gold over her tassels and painted some simple brown mixes on her bags).

DSC_0329-detail.jpg.880db794e4f95b97bd1fcbc1ef08c759.jpg  DSC_0330-detail.jpg.af0bf76c3557cc589f57d8badbd1e43e.jpg



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I painted the decoration on her dress trim. It's roughly the same all the way around so I'm not showing so many angles.


My original idea had been to lay down bright yellow, then paint the "negative space" in some sort of brocade, leaving thin yellow lines. That didn't last long. But I played with a bunch of ideas.


First I mixed a dull dark transparent violet from Ultramarine Blue and Quinacridone Magenta and dotted the trim.



Then I lightened the violet with some Titanium White and added smaller dots. I also added some lighter brown highlights on her pouches and washed the bird carving on her staff with Phthalo Blue and gave it subtle grey and yellow highlights.



Then I blanked on inspiration for about a month and let her sit.


I jumped in and:

  • Glazed a similar mixed violet over the dots
  • Highlighted them with tiny Titanium White specks
  • Mixed a medium blue from Phthalo Blue and Titanium White and laid in little triangles between the dots
  • Lightened that same blue and filled in the triangles as I had with the dots earlier

... All without taking pictures as I went. Oops.



Some details:






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I brightened up her golds a bit and added some jewels.











The last thing I did was paint her underskirt purple. I played just a little more with shadows and tones.





Annd, I think she is done.

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She came out well. I wondered where you were going with that yellow trim, it looks beautiful now. 

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1 minute ago, Inarah said:

She came out well. I wondered where you were going with that yellow trim, it looks beautiful now. 


You and me both. ^_^


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      I used Bobby Jackson's great Courtesan mini, a nice simple figure with lots of great lines!

      I'm really pleased with how she turned out, especially her face! I'm trying a new technique for eyes, and while it needs a little fine-tuning, I think it came out really good. They look wonkier in the pictures than IRL, and I got them both looking in the right direction, which I'm very pleased with. I tried to use the same effects as for sheer cloth to give it the effect of this iridescent cloth I once had, that shifted from red-orange to a shimmering gold, and I think it came out well - certainly bright enough! I used a pale blue for her highlights, and her eyes, the same color for both - I wanted to give a little contrast to her cloths and warm skintone.
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    • By PhantomAquarist
      Painted her to be a vampiric white witch! The Violet Witch is an Elvin protector to the forests. Not quick to trust most, and will kill as quick as wolfsbane if prompted.
      For some reason the metal around the Jewel on her staff is showing up hardcore blue. I only lightly dusted the inner area, but all that metal is showing up as blue in pictures compared to in person. And I have no clue why. Lol
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      #3: Sexy lady on a grave

      The bared-shoulder-come-hither-look in a tight formfitting dress has to be a vampire, don't you think? Why else would she be standing on a grave looking all alluring?
      I painted the dress with Green Stuff World Metalcolor Cæsar Red (a metallic deep red) and Reaper Rose Gold, a metallic pink. I find these colours work very well together.
      Rose gold is not available at retail (yet). I won the Rose Gold on the Halloween Twitch stream lottery draw together with three other paints and some halloween-themed minis (Yay! I actually won something for once! And I did not already have the minis! Double yay!) and what better way to try it out than on a shiny, clingy, silk dress?
      The provided grave-base fit perfectly on a 30mm lipped base.
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