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[Starfinder] Dead Suns pbp

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Xap will move to use the yellow barrel west of the northern most 21er for concealment.  he will try to hide (12+9=21) to remain unseen from the baddies on the east side of the dock.  assuming he doesnt draw fire, he will send LEX up the wall using its camouflage unit (16+6=22) and turn on its recording camera to start documenting the fight.

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Caught off guard, it didn't take him long to come back to his senses, and come up with a plan of action. Like a shot he sprinted across the open of the docking bay, trusting to his speed, and the second skin he wore under his coveralls, to provide protection if any of the gangers took a shot at him, headed for the information kiosk and the cover it would provide. 

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Cain is unsure who, if anyone, is on his side here but he saw the 21's shoot the Starfinder Society contact so they become his primary target.  


I will try to make it to the nearest 21.  I believe I can make it to the front of what looks like a luggage vehicle at the end of this turn, putting me within 5 ft of a 21 and with some cover.

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NOTE: I totally messed up the sides.......21 is suppose to be on the right & Crowns are suppose to be on the left. I need to adjust their actions in the surprise round & here. Other then that everything should be fine. So this post is on hold till I sort things out....(What I get for posting when I was tired....ugh.)


Xap: 22


You make it to your destination, unseen. So far no one has spotted your drone either. That may change thou.....


Kings: 17

The Kings gang proceeds to fire up on the 21 members!

#1 fires upon #2 but misses

#2 fires upon #2 as well & overshoots him.

#3 fires at #3 & hits! He does 2 pts of damage!


Cain: 12

Note: This is the Kings side, you can change your actions if you'd like before the round is over.


You as well make it over to your new spot as well. The gang member, thou sees you approach & will probably take aim at you next round. You will receive cover from the baggage cart.


Switch: 12

You make it to the info kiosk, no problem.


Max: 7

You make it to the crates. You use your power on the gang member but he shrugs off the effect. You have his attention now thou.


21: 6






He fires his pistol on Max. He hits (2 pts of a fire damage)



You fire upon the #1-21 member & you graze him with your blast! 1 point of damage!

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I'll be honest, I'm even more confused now.  I thought the 21's were on the right, but it looks like the crowns are on the right per your updated map...but you just said in bold that the 21's are on the right sooo....


Time to punch someone I guess.  


I'll stick to my previous move.  Cain will move up to the nearest gang member and pop him one.  If he's a 21, great.  If he's a King...well he shouldn't have been there.  


Hammer Fist - 14+5=19 vs KAC

Damage - 2+6=8 bludgeoning 


Also I'll be going after Switch as they have a better dex.  

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Reaching up, Zataka grabs hold of his stellar mote which flares to life with bright blue-white light. Lengthening the beam grows into a sword of light. Spinning the blade he will once again fire at the ganger that shot Durovar.


(Small Arms: 13 + 2 = 15; Damage = 5)

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Max doesn't want to be in the middle of fire fight.  Max was just trying not to get shot.  Max did not want to have to shoot anyone and thus used Daze. Max got shot anyways.  Max will do unto others as they are doing unto her.


Draw Tactical Semi-Auto pistol (move action) and shoot the ganger that shot her (standard action)


To hit: 8+3=11 vs KAC

Damage: (1d6) 1

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He chatters rapidly to himself, anyone who speaks Ysoki and can hear him would get a lot of 'crap crap this is not good'  But in spite of his rapid fire complaints his actions are those of a semi-professional  rising his head up just enough to scan the info kiosk, to see if there was a way to call for security, or at least medical aid, without resorting to hacking into the system

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Having had a moment to look over the area from cover and setting up surveillance to make sure he doesn't get blamed (again) he works his way over to the Dwarf trying to remain out of sight and off everyone's radar.  If he gets to his goal he will start first aid on the dwarf.  if he gets caught, well that's what guns are for after all...


Xap Stealth (14+9= 23) to get to the dwarf

(have to see what condition hes in before attempting any medical treatment) 

the drone continues to scuttle up the wall behind a support beam keeping just its camera eye open and exposed (stealth 14+8= 22 [last number should have been higher, forgot the add the drones dex bonus])


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      Hi people.
      Im going to start another PBP.  So far I have interest from @ShadowRaven, @dwarvenranger, @Dilvish the Deliverer, and @Kangaroorex.
      We’re going to start the Serpent’s Skull adventure path.  Pathfinder 1e.
      All books are in play, but I reserve the right to veto something if it seems too gross/bloated.
      Please utilize the Serpent’s Skull Players Guide from the Paizo website.
      Abilities: 4d6, reroll all 1’s, drop lowest score, yielding ranges from 2-18 pre mods.
      Avg. Starting gold.
      We’ll follow the AP leveling track when possible.
      We’ll have individual initiative.
      I hope to get this started soon, so please post those characters.

      House Rules
      1. HP beyond first level.  Roll the hit die.  If the roll is less than”avg” then take avg instead.  Example: Wizard d6.  Rolls a 1.  Gets 4hp instead, before Con mod.
      2. Acrobatics can be used to avoid AOO when standing from prone.
      3. If someone is not responding and action is waiting for them, I’ll send a pm after 24 hours.  If no response 24 hours later, I’ll take over that character to get action rolling again.
    • By Darcstaar
      Part 1 of the Serpent’s Skull Adventure Path.  By James Jacobs, (c) 2010.
      Paizo Publishing.
      Using the Pathfinder Rules from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook
      Sixth Printing, 2013 and copyright 2009 and on
      Also uses Open Game License Content 1.0a Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast
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