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02867: Matthias the Twisted, a nosferatu-type vampire


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The GM said we needed a nosferatu, so here we are.


This is Reaper's 02867: Matthias the Twisted, a gnarly rattish vampire.


All paints used are Golden Matte Fluid Acrylics. Color mixes are (usually) noted, but not exact ratios.


Questions are welcomed and I will try to answer them. Critiques are appreciated.


This is the way I usually start miniature figures: Lightly primed with Titanium White, then when that is dry, washing it over with Burnt Umber. Burnt Umber is a dark, transparent pigment that settles into crannies when thinned down and shows the details very well. It also gives a nice warm undertone to later paint layers.


(I have to remember that I experimented with a cold blue-grey wash on some vampire figures that avoided all the nice warm undertones.)






I paint vampires with stark white skin, shaded with flat greys mixed from Titanium White and Carbon Black. This is almost the only time I ever use such a simple mix for greys.


The first layer is a thinned white (blodginess is the underpainting showing through).




Steps in shading:








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Face and mouth work.  I went into the skin with layers of translucent mixed flat grey and white. I used pure Carbon Black for his eye sockets and in his mouth.

DSC_0945-02867-Matthias-the-Twisted.jpg.ad5e45336f79d6695335f23a8ab64a7f.jpg  DSC_0946.jpg.2d07b4a340f86a11b9064b688917ee8c.jpg


I painted his mouth and lips with pure Red Oxide, added teeth with a mix of Yellow Ochre and Titanium White, and highlighted with a pink mixed from the tooth color and Quinacridone Magenta.


It will need a little tidying up.


DSC_0973-02867-Matthias-the-Twisted-mouth.jpg.5741f53695c730ee82d5e3fe2fa31dd1.jpg  DSC_0974.jpg.be28d916f69f22bb0fac253a3184f93e.jpg  DSC_0975.jpg.1d1f1d4d54f17a74bdf0b8f2af9904b3.jpg

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2 hours ago, malefactus said:

Matthias is my favorite Vampire. I hope you enjoy doing yours as much as I did mine.


He is quite a character! I went looking for other versions of him and found some gorgeous ones, but I missed yours. Is there an available picture?

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21 hours ago, Pingo said:


He is quite a character! I went looking for other versions of him and found some gorgeous ones, but I missed yours. Is there an available picture?


I did take photos, but after an extensive search I came up empty handed. Then says I, I'll just take a couple of new ones, but now it was the miniature that was nowhere to be seen.

As I typed this, it dawned on me. He may be lurking in Cap'n John's display cabinet. AND voila!





...there you go.  The search was a lot of fun. I discovered a horde of photos & minis that I had forgotten about. Thanks, Pingo!                        

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I painted his eyes today. They are several layers of Hansa Yellow Opaque, Yellow Ochre, and a bit of Red Oxide. The pupils are pure Carbon Black and the highlights are Titanium White.


Ye gods, they are tiny!




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I painted his base with a grey mixed from Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, and Titanium White. No shadow, 'cos ... vampire.


I washed his tattered poncho with a thin layer of greeny-blue-black mixed from Phthalocyanine Blue and Burnt Umber.






Then I washed a layer of near-black mixed from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber over it. Also washed it over the base.


I know it looks weird, but the thin layers of different colors eventually build on each other and make things look more realistic.






The last wash was pure Phthalocyanine Green, which is a brilliant beautiful jewel-like transparent pure emerald blue-green, as might be spotted here and there where it overlaps something almost colorless. But over all these manky dark browns it makes a wonderful subtle unpleasant dark green.






Toss in a little Yellow Ochre, Hansa Yellow Light, and a tiny dab of Burnt Sienna to the Phthalo Green and one has a nice highlight color.





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The nice thing about transparent paints is how you can layer colors to interesting effect without necessarily having to mix them.


This is a wash of pure Ultramarine Blue, a beautiful, clean lapis-like color, over his quilted vest and trousers. Thanks to its transparency and the manky browns underneath, it's already shaded and dark.




I mixed the blue with some Titanium White and put a bit of light on the front of his vest, rather quick and carelesly.




Toned it down with a glaze of Ultramarine Blue with some Burnt Sienna mixed in to keep it from looking too pretty.





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i agree!  this is a perfect example of the classic horror movie vampire brought to life ::D:   I am still amazed (and wish i could duplicate) the way you combine paints on the mini to bring it to life.  if I did this it would look like i shot it with a paintball gun.

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On 1/24/2018 at 5:02 AM, robinh said:

i agree!  this is a perfect example of the classic horror movie vampire brought to life ::D:   I am still amazed (and wish i could duplicate) the way you combine paints on the mini to bring it to life.  if I did this it would look like i shot it with a paintball gun.


I would have no objection if anyone should like to try my techniques.


Anyhow, I mixed a dull blueish from Ultramarine Blue, Red Oxide, and Quinacridone Crimson, lightened with just a little Titanium White, and laid in highlights on his trousers (and his flesh showing through the hole on the knee.


I mixed an unpleasant yellow-brown from Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, and Hansa Yellow Light and sluiced it over the bandages on his right leg. I washed over that with Burnt Umber and highlighted it with Titanium White mixed with the mixed yellow, then used the yellow again as a glaze over it all. The transparent version of a color over a pale version of it amplifies the effect of both.






I painted pure Red Oxide everywhere I planned to paint red or gold (and possibly silver).


More subtly, I painted the rats. I washed them over with Burnt Umber, then lightly highlighted them with Burnt Umber mixed with Titanium White. Their red eyes are pure Red Oxide and their pink noses, feet, and tails are Red Oxide mixed with Titanium White.


They are soooooo tiny!






These are rat-sized rats in 28mm scale. Now with the photos I can see where they need fixing up. I had to guess where the tails of the two on the ground were.


DSC_0271-rat-1.jpg.0461bb9d919ca19b7d3f6d69b9ddf718.jpg    DSC_0272-rat-1.jpg.afcbd9ab92e6599fc2e69204cb031a2b.jpg    DSC_0273-rats.jpg.c778626abd6219ef548103d260acc8ab.jpg







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I painted silver metallic on his sword, scabbard, leg armor, and buckles.




... Painted the gem on it (details available upon request) and touched up his bandages a bit.




... Glazed on lots of shadows, mostly in the maroon region (Ultramarine Blue + Red Oxide + Quinacridone Magenta). Also put on some highlight on his neck scarf.






Added gold to the trim on his ragged overgarment. Glazed his neck scarf with pure very thin Phthalocyanine Blue. Brushed on lights with a pale yellow mixed from Titanium White and Yellow Ochre because I loved how Spooktalker's version made the fabric look all mangy and faded.





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