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Our Ghost Archipelago Campaign, 2018

Chris Palmer

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   A promised, my report is now posted from the game we played last weekend:

I hope you enjoy.


The Stone Circles


"...Gracefully leaping up, and holding her sword with two hands Meriwyn dove at her ghostly opponent. With satisfaction she watched the shocked look on the spirit's translucent glowing face as her sword plunged down into its body. It was just a split second later that she realized the awful truth; the Spirit Warrior's weapon had also found it's mark..."





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23 hours ago, Rat13 said:

I went to get tires today but forgot my book, so I caught up on the last two reports instead. As always these reports are the next best thing to actually playing the game.



Thank you Rat for the kind remarks!  I'm glad you enjoy the reports. 

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We played our August game on the 18th, and did the Eritherean Graveyard scenario from the core rulebook.  My latest report has now been posted.


I hope you enjoy!


     "...Marnilyne tried desperately to defend herself;  but she was no match for two opponents, and the Pearl Diver's blade sliced her across her shoulder as the Monkey yanked her hair and took bites at her head and neck.  It's claws gouged into her.  The Elf flailed her arms, and tried desperately to dislodge the Monkey as she lurched back and forth.  The Monkey was flung off, and the Pearl Diver stood there,  shocked by the spectacle of the frenzied Warden.   However, it did not take her opponents long to regroup, and they had now been joined by Skorri's Hunter..."  


For the full report, and more photos:  https://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2018/08/ghost-archipelago-campaign-18-game-8.html




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A page from Griffin's log, recording what he and his crew saw of the Drichean mines.


From their point of view, they scouted a few chambers, got in scuffles with old rivals Skorri and Kragmar, and lost two valuable specialists, Astrid (a man-at-arms) and Alana Eagle-eye (an archer) to an angry dwarf among Kragmar's crew, collecting only two treasures in return.  


Not a good day in the Ghost Archipelago...




Here's a player-view of the situation, to compare to Griffin's log entry.  At the time of the photo, Griffin and Alana had been blocked from pursuing Fortwyn's elves past the mine cart in the elevated room by a wall of brambles; a few crewmen drag a treasure away from the cart on the right, with Rosemary the herbalist having blocked pursuit and arrows from Skorri with a judicious deployment of some magic beans, and Ashalla the wave warden and Astrid disputing a treasure (which was eventually obtained) with Kragmar's crew about mid-frame on the left.


Beyond our ability to perceive, the duck crew is decimated by one of the vampires (middle top, where the dice are showing the vampire's 7 remaining hit points).

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As Rob indicated above, last Saturday we played our September campaign game; and did a home-brew scenario set in an abandoned Drichean Mine..  


I have now written up Lord Fortrywn's report and posted it to my blog.


     "...The Crew-woman hit the rough stone hard and the wind was knocked out of her, as the pain of putting weight on her injured leg brought firework explosions in her head.  The flashes faded as a blackness overtook her and she slid to the floor unconscious.
      Lord Fortrywn prepared to finish the Pearl Diver for good, but before he could thrust with his blade, his eye caught movement in the archway as Skorri Drakenburg himself burst into the room, with, oddly, a large Snapping Turtle following close behind..."



      "...As they went, Songlyne made sure the Ring and coin pouch were tucked securely in her pack.  Before they reached the corner at the bottom of the slope, another large stone came sailing through the air and hit Salin square in the back.  The Pearl Diver pitched forward from the force of the impact, and his head came down hard on one of the rusty rails, cutting a deep furrow across his forehead..."


Hope you enjoy!    https://onemoregamingproject.blogspot.com/2018/09/ghost-archipelago-campaign-18-game-9.html




Edited by Chris Palmer
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I want to thank you both for these reports.  The imagery is amazing and I am humbled by the amount of work and imagination you put into them.  I felt like cheering whenever Lord Fortrywn got one of the central treasures.


Truly an amazing job, both in the game and in the followup reports!  I anxiously await your next adventure...

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7 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

I want to thank you both for these reports.  The imagery is amazing and I am humbled by the amount of work and imagination you put into them.  I felt like cheering whenever Lord Fortrywn got one of the central treasures.


Truly an amazing job, both in the game and in the followup reports!  I anxiously await your next adventure...



Thank you for your comments Kangaroorex!    I'm so glad to hear you've been reading and enjoying the reports.   You shouldn't have to wait too long... Knabe should be posting his report from the mines soon (I hope!)  as our next game is on the 13th! 



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From Griffin’s Log:




In our continuing search for the Crystal Pool, we landed on an island to taken on fesh water, and to scout around for clues.  Our scouts soon found evidence that others had been here recently, and possibly had come to a bad end, leaving their treasure behind.  With Ashalla, Rosemary, and Hawkeye, (plus a handful of crewmembers), I pressed on toward the center of the island. We soon found the tattered bodies of some other Heritor’s crew, and a circle of large eggs.  Approaching the eggs from the opposite direction was the crew of the Heritor Fortrwyn (all pointed-eared demons, so far as I could tell).  We had had a brush with them in the abandoned Drichean mines recently.  Whle I was somewhat uneasy about the ggs, some of which were rocking as though hatching were imminent, the area appeared to be rich in treasure, so we pressed forward.  Ashalla and half the landing party bore to the left, toward a pond where the signs indicated that a treasure might be found.  Ashalla imbued Bluff the Chantyman with waterbreathing so that he was able to recover the treasure from the pond.  Another was found in a clump of dense foliage.  Meanwhile, I found myself in a scuffle with Fortrwyn’s demon crewmembers in the very center of the circle of eggs. A blast of demon magic warped my sword, although I still used it to split one of the demons.




Fortunately, my Heritage makes swords somewhat optional, and I felled a demon or two with hurled rocks. (The situation was somewhat confused...) At some point during this fight, one of the eggs cracked, spilling a baby monarch into the middle of the melee.  It was felled by one of the demons, but gave out a horrifying scream as it died.  It was a little later when we found out what that scream had portended...


The melee in the middle of the egg circle continued for some time.  Two of my crewmen had pinned the demon lord against a rock, and I stepped in to finish him with my sword.  The bent blade twisted in my hand, though, and Fortrwyn dealt me a mighty blow. I stepped back for a moment to recover. Not wishing to trust the sword again, I hefted a head-sized rock. 



Fortrwyn struck down another of my crew, leaving me an opening.  With a final effort, I struck him with the hurled rock and he fell.  


Meanwhile, another egg had hatched, which would have been problem enough...but the death cry of the first hatchling had attracted the attention of a fully mature monarch, a monster like few I had seen before.  I calld out to the remaining crew members to follow me in a bid to seek safety by heading back to the beach (and our ship) by another route.  Happily, no other crewmen were lost, but only five of the party that had set out that morning gathered again at the ship as night fell...


<Here ends the excerpt from Griffin’s log>


From the player point of view, here was an overview of the table:




and a closer view of the zone where my crew was engaged.  You can see that Griffin simplified the situation somewhat in his logbook sketch.




I did end up with three treasures as the game ended, although Chris’s Fortrwyn and crew managed to make off with the central treasure from our egg circle; I always had something even more pressing to do that to try to drop his treasure-carrying crewman with the usual rock.



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