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Centaur and Rogue

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I need to keep rolling the bones, so here are two paints from this weekend.  I'm not sure if they are actually speedpaints, as I lingered over the NNM a little on the centaur.  The rogue was less than 2 hours. the centaur less than 3.  going for tabletop quality. 





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2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:



Needed a break from KD?

yes.  the phoenix looms over my table like an unfinished, unhappy god. 

The GSK is on hold until after the march workshop on NMM I'm taking. 

- bother I should really build Female Int.  survivor, as my current Settlement is called Disney world.

and I'm down to Elisa and Anna, best (or last) survivor might determine color scheme.  Ariel  & Sleeping Beauty just died of Plague.

after that its only survivors named for mice, ducks and dogs. As well as a prince who is leading a charmed life. 

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    • By Original_Carl
      My quest to complete all of my Bones Kickstarter minis continues. Here we have "Fly Demon" -- pretty spry for a fly guy.  I've done the base colors, most of the highlighting, and now I need to do something more with these giant yellow eyes.  Suggestions?

      On photo review, I'll go clean up the veins in the wing a bit more.  I am considering adding a metallic glaze to the chitin and the wings.
    • By darkreaper00
      I'm running Phandelver for our 8 year old, finally pressing some of my Bones into service (Kickstarters I and II, I believe)
      Currently working on outfitting a band of bandits for the Redbrand encounters.  Plenty of suitable minis in my collection.  I really like a lot of these, but I don't like that practically everybody is dual wielding, and I don't like a few of the poses, so I decided to try my hand at converting Bones.

      First one I was itching to get into was 77093 Drago Voss.

      Cut his right hand at the wrist and his left arm at the elbow.  Idea was to rotate them and run some sort of polearm through.  Pin vise with drill bit through the hands after cutting.  First one was off center; I'll have to fix that with the Xacto.  Second one I was really happy with -- bit almost didn't fit, but I managed to get it just through with all the fingers intact.

      I had some plastic rod I bought from my FLGS once upon a time.  Seems to be smaller than 1/16, but it fits snugly in the hole my 1/16 bit put into the bonesium.

      So now the big question is what kind of pokey or smashy bit I put on Mr. Voss's long stick.  Original plan was for a bardiche kind of thing with the blade behind him, but mocking it up makes it seem more like he might prefer to drive a spear into somebody.  Opinions? 

    • By Adrift
      Painted up the Rats from Bones 2 at the end of October, beginning of November so I'm posting them as a group! Rebased them on various bases I had gotten from ReaperCon over the years and at least one is a Stones base I got from Frontline Games recently from an online purchase. 
      I wanted the Giant Wererat to look like some kind of undead abomination and my OSL painting skills can always use lots of practice 
      I tried making the Assassin's coat look like it was really grimy/dirty to juxtapose the gleaming weapon he uses for his work. 
      The Berserker was asking for a warpaint mask...
      Not sure if I pulled off the gemstones on the Stalkers bracelet; they're REALLY small.

    • By Evilhalfling
      the first figure I started after alfanso's NMM workshop 
      The NMM just looked dull so I decided on full Earth and sky reflective armor.
      then realized that metal in shadow is less reflective, and turned half barck to regular NMM. 
      not quite satisfied with the sword it needs better blending now that I look at the detailed pictures. yes i will go back and fix it,. 

    • By Evilhalfling
      One of these was painted sometime last year.  the other this week. 
      im happy with both, but wish the spears had stayed strait after boiling. 

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