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Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread


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October Art Previews, Reminders, & Schedules.



It’s October! That means we’re busy decorating with even more skulls than usual, preparing for ReaperCon in a few weeks, getting ready for Halloween after that, and enjoying the earlier evenings and cooler weather. 

 It also means we’ve got some Spooky Art Previews for this Update! This Update covers a lot of information! 

Pledge Manager Reminder to All Backers 

New Art 

Convention Schedule 

Update Schedule 


Pledge Manager Reminder to All Backers

 Have you used the Pledge Manager to checkout yet? 

You can tell if you have by logging into the Pledge Manager and clicking Completed Orders. If not, remember that all Backers must go to the pledge manager and select their rewards, and follow through to Checkout. Just because you have given us some selections during the campaign does not mean your rewards are locked in - you can still make changes, and we will need everyone to lock those changes in. The Pledge Manager will be Open until July 31, 2018. You must checkout - even if your pledge covers your reward selection in full - so that we know what to send you. 

The pledge manager is found at 


Please go there, log in, select your rewards, and confirm your selection by pressing Checkout. If you have already done this, you can always add more if you like, but you do not have to. You can see your existing selections under Completed Orders, or listed in red numbers under the quantity box for each item. Please see the September 10 Update and the September 11 Update for more details and instructions.


 Art Updates

 It’s almost Hallowe’en, and that means it’s time for spooky! For this update, we’re presenting you with some models which were previously only shown as Concept Art!

We’re starting with the monstrous Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut! This model is part of the Dreadmere Expansion.


And, of course, Kickstarter Sophie, part of the Core Set or the Sophie And Friends set.


And we have a tantalizing glimpse at a Work-In-Progress: Baba Yaga!



When the project ended, Kickstarter locked down the campaign tab. We cannot change, edit, or modify the images there anymore. So, these new images will be hosted at https://www.reapermini.com/Bones4. 


 Convention Schedule

Reaper will be host to ReaperCon October 19-22, at the Premier Event Center in Lewisville, Texas. Take painting and sculpting classes, play games, shop, and hang out with our artists!

Reaper Miniatures will be hosting a Paint and take event at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA, November 17-19. Come by and put some paint on some Bones! 


Update Schedule

 There will be no Update Friday, October 20th, because of ReaperCon. The next scheduled Update will be Friday November 3rd. We will be unable to do our 3rd Friday Update on November 17 because we will be attending PAX Unplugged (see above) and the following Friday is a US Holiday. The next Scheduled Update after that will be Friday, December 1st. 

That's it for this Update, we'll see you in November! 





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On 10/7/2017 at 9:25 PM, Bane Of Humanity said:

I'm curious how you do the power ups.  
Is it based on post KS funds earned?

Post-KS Funds earned is a major factor, but another is the readiness of work.


We added a lot of models as concept art, mostly based on fan input, and as such, its more important to us right now to have THOSE completed both quickly and well, than to have the artists making new things.


In Bones 3 there were more power ups because we had more product already finished, and adding them did not significantly impact our timeline. This time, we have a lot of things finished, but we're changing our strategy to not allow an artists' power ups until their main body of assignments is done, even if the power up is done.

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Update #82


Includes reminders to lock in orders if you have not, how to tell if you have not, and why locking in early is better (spoiler alert: Postage rates may increase).


Includes videos of models previously shown only as concept art (also found here: https://www.reapermini.com/bones4)


Includes Convention Update (PAX Unplugged, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 17-19)


Includes Update Schedule (Next Update Dec 1, 2017)




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December Update: Fungus Among Us!

Happy Holidays everyone! As we prepare to wrap up 2017, we want to thank everyone for a great year! Apologies for being a little behind on this update, as we're simply swamped with our annual 12 Days of Reaper Promotion.

Shameless plug: be sure to check out the 12 Days of Reaper holiday promotion where we’ll be giving away a FREE miniature every day for 12 days. More details at www.reapermini.com

Now to the important stuff. 

Reaper Pledge Manager

Again, we want to remind all backers to please check your Reaper Pledge Manager "Completed Orders" (The Completed orders link appears in the upper right corner after you log in here https://ks.reapermini.com/bones4) . Be sure you see at least one order locked in there. Only about 62% of you have locked anything in, and we want to make sure you don't forget! If you do not see a Completed Orders link, you still need to lock in your selections. 

Remember, you can lock in more than one order, so there's no penalty to locking in now - in fact, because we generate our shipping charges live from the US, UK, or AU Carrier services, waiting could raise your postal rates, causing you to owe! 

If you see at least one order under Completed Orders, then you're fine. But if there's no Completed Orders link (in the upper corner by your account details), then we will need you to remember to lock in. 

The Reaper Pledge Manager link is https://ks.reapermini.com/bones4 

Also an important note that seems to confuse people - No pledge level automatically includes *anything*. If you want a Core Set, you must select it, no matter which level you pledged under. If you want to spend your pledge on other rewards and not get a Core Set, that's OK, too, but nothing will be added to your cart for you, ever. 

Pledge Manager Login Emails 

We repeat this a lot, but it is literally the most common problem we see in our inboxes, so we will continue to repeat it: 

It is mandatory that, when you log in to the pledge manager, you use the same email address that you use to login to your kickstarter account. 

The only way we know which pledge was yours was by matching those emails. If you log in with a different email, your pledge credit will not be applied to your order, and you will be charged higher prices for your rewards. 

You can resolve this in one of two ways. You could create a second login with the correct email address. Or, you could login, go to account details, and change your email address to the one you use on Kickstarter.com. Then log out and back in. 

Other Problems 

If you have other problems, please email us at [email protected]. Be sure to specify what project you're having a problem with. That same help desk handles all customer service for all of Reaper's retail and consumer orders, as well as our previous projects, so they need your help knowing how to best help you. 

Please do not include screenshots, as we have stringent security protocols which filter out attachments and delete the messages containing them. 

Previews: Fungus Among Us! 

This update we have photos of some of the greenstuff sculpts from the Darkreach Expansion. 

First up is the Shrieking Fungus sprue. I hope Sir Forscale is tiptoeing around those guys. You may notice that we’re now giving you three Shrieking Fungus models now, rather than the two shown in the Kickstarter. Yay! Merry Christmas!


Next is the Acidic Ooze model sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. This will be produced in translucent smoky gray.


Here is one of the Killer Fungus models sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. When these are produced they’ll be shot in translucent purple.


Finally, here’s the awesome Carnivorous Pudding mini, sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The Carnivorous pudding will be cast in translucent gray, and fits nicely on a 3” round gaming base.


Reaper Pledge Manager Power-Ups 

We’ve pleased to announce that we’ve added the Hot Lead DVD bundle into the Reaper Pledge Manager! This amazing bundle features 5 instructional DVDs by award-winning painter Laszlo Jakusovszky. These fantastic DVD sets are in the Reaper Pledge Manager along with several other Darksword Miniatures Painting DVD bundles. And they’re at a great price! 


Convention Schedule 

Reaper will have a Sales Booth and a Paint and Take at PAX South in San Antonio, TX January 12-14. If you're able to attend that event and want to paint a free Bones mini, shop with us, or just say, "Hello!", stop on by! 

Update Schedule

The next scheduled Update will be Friday December 15. 



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So I went on my pledge manager today to 'confirm' my order. I pledged over like 180 dollars or more to bones. On the pledge manager I have no confirmed purchases. When I checkout, it is telling me the coreset, which I have already invested in, is going to cost over 150. Why am I being charged again?

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13 hours ago, Kendal said:

So I went on my pledge manager today to 'confirm' my order. I pledged over like 180 dollars or more to bones. On the pledge manager I have no confirmed purchases. When I checkout, it is telling me the coreset, which I have already invested in, is going to cost over 150. Why am I being charged again?

As stated in the Kickstarter Update, this is the number one complaint we receive.


You are not using the same email address in the pledge manager that you did on Kickstarter. Reread the update for instructions on how to correct this.


If you have followed those instructions and still have issues, send the email to [email protected] including all email addresses used and identify which project you are referring to (Bones 4?).

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On 1/17/2018 at 6:21 AM, WhiteWulfe said:

According to https://www.reapermini.com/Bones4 the cutoff  is July 31, 2018. :)


I would assume that at that point we are unable to change pledge, but we can change shipping address (possibly with new shipping fee)? I have my pledge locked and am happy with it, but I will be moving addresses like... right after that date. 

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21 hours ago, Cyradis said:


I would assume that at that point (Closing of PM) we are unable to change pledge, but we can change shipping address (possibly with new shipping fee)? I have my pledge locked and am happy with it, but I will be moving addresses like... right after that date. 

You are correct, probably.  Yes, Addresses can be updated after the close of the PM until the time that postage is applied. 


However, as this is the first time we are charging shipping to all, I do not yet know our plan for how to collect shipping expense changes due to address changes post PM close.


Please revisit this question closer to PM close (end of July 2018).

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