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Reaper Bones 4: Information Thread


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46 minutes ago, Argentee said:


Somewhere in the KS comments it was said that the Chronoscope figures will be in grey the fantasy figures in off white. 


Check oneboot's summaries in the enthusiasm thread. 


Note that my understanding is that the color comes from adding dye, while the consistency depends on the amount of plasticizer. There is not necessarily a correlation between color and rigidity (as witness several of the CAV models cast in gray.)

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7 hours ago, Dr Boom said:

Is anyone having issues with the pledge manager ? I'm not talking about it not adding stretch goals - I'm not talking about it not turning up at all. Pure white screen, no option to log out, let alone log back in again (Firefox, Windows 10)


. . . and ignore that - it started working again. Possibly a little tired

No, it legitimately went down at about 2:30 AM and was corrected by 3:15 AM. late night updates are fun! There was a mis-click that accidentally changed permissions on ONE FILE in the fileserver, so it wasn't accessible, and everything stopped. Took a little time to figure out what had been clicked, and lesson learned, don't go making quality of life improvements at 2:30 in the morning. Although the images DO display better now!


2 hours ago, Doug Sundseth said:


Note that my understanding is that the color comes from adding dye, while the consistency depends on the amount of plasticizer. There is not necessarily a correlation between color and rigidity (as witness several of the CAV models cast in gray.)

This is correct.

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To Save OneBoot some trouble, I've collected some of my most frequently used answers in document, to make responding faster in the future. I am sharing them here - many have been seen before, and I will also be publishing an update at some point with these Q&A's in them, for backer reference.


Can we *finally* get Sir Forscale in this project?

the scale knight is 77008 - Garrick the bold, available from our web store since 2012, before the first kickstarter ever launched. He will not be offered in this kickstarter.


Core Set Break Up

we typically do not break the Core Set into sub-components until much later in the project, when it is much larger. When we do that, any backer will be able to select those components.


February 2019? Is that a typo?

our previous two projects had an 18 and 20 month fulfillment time, respectively. We believe 18 months to be a realistic and informed estimate. As always, there are many variables that go into manufacturing on a scale of these projects. Should we fail to break $1,000,000, we would probably be able to fulfill much sooner; should be raise over $3,000,000 (as we have done twice before) we could even have underestimated!


Is there a key to the numbers on the Core Set?

we learned through these projects that after delivery, sometimes there are problems. It is so much easier for backers to reference a model by # than by "third model from the right, under the dragon's foot" so we pre-populate the images with numbers. it also makes it easier to a sk about specific models. Most new sculpts will not even have names assigned until 3-4 months before fulfilment.


Do you really accept suggestions for new models?

Yes, we listen to suggestions. about 80% of the project is set in stone. Another 15% or so is grabbed from a list of possible ideas - more ideas than can make it in, so if the crowd advocates for one of those many ideas more than for others, that one is chosen. Another handful are left relatively open, and we see if our sculptors are inspired by these ideas. In Bones 3 this led to the Froghemoth, plant monsters, and Hobgoblins, which were popular requests. With that in mind, we recommend advocating for models you’d like to see, and seeing which ones gain traction within the community, rather than statements like “don’t make ______”, because we won’t be removing anything from the existing plan, but we have space to add new things.


This project is funding very differently/failing/dumb

none of the previous 3 projects had even remotely identical funding "curves" when placed on a graph with each other. Direct comparison is nigh impossible. For instance, Bones 1, which funded the highest, only reached $30,000 at the end of the first 24 hours. Bones 2, on the other hand, reached a million in 24 hours, and bones 3 hit $700,000 in 24 hours.


Are there not multiple EU or AU waves?

EU backers will ship to our facility in the UK or AU, and they will be processed as one wave. It is expected that they will ship TO the UK and AU before US shipping begins, although they will probably arrive after US shipping has concluded.


Add all the paints/certain paint sets, please

we have to limit how many paints are offered because our production capacity maxes out at 21 gallons per day. Across thousands of backers, that's MONTHS of paint production just for 12 colors, it might take years just to produce if we expanded the offering to 54 colors - and that with no paint being made for other sales and products. all rewards will ship together. We will not even MAKE the paint for this project unit a few weeks before shipping, since freshness can be an issue with paint. Working backwards from the expected fulfilment date, we calculate how long it will take, using 50% of our total production capacity to make everything required, plus a little for margin of error, and start making it then.


In a nutshell - no we cannot and will not ship the paint early, because it will not exist.


When is shipping paid?

when you lock in your pledge. It is based off of current shipping rates, and may be updated in the 10 month window the PM is open, so it may be cheapest to lock in as soon as we offer that option


Will there be Stretch Goals in the Pledge Manager?

In bones 3 we experimented with adding on new Stretch Goals in the Pledge Manager, outside of the Kickstarter project. It is possible we may do something similar here, but I cannot promise it at this time.


Is there anything that’s limited quantity or kickstarter exclusive?

nothing is limited quantity. We will make as many as are ordered via the Pledge Manager, plus some for later retail release (after fulfillment). Also no items are kickstarter exclusives, and everything is, or will be available for purchase. The project does offer first dibs, and at a significant discount relative to final retail pricing.


When will the Pledge Manager close?

The Pledge Manager will be open for backers to lock in and add to their pledges until July 31, 2018.


we also have a Facebook page dedicated to this project. Liking that page, and sharing the pictures we post, will draw attention to the project for other people on your friends list in the miniatures/gaming world. https://www.facebook.com/MrBonesTotallyEpicAdventure

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1 hour ago, Reaperbryan said:

There's one more reveal in town before they head into the wilderness.

Does that mean the map is modular and can grow or shrink depending on funding? Does the frequency of stops on each map increase or decrease?

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2 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

Does that mean the map is modular and can grow or shrink depending on funding? Does the frequency of stops on each map increase or decrease?

The map is my plaything and it responds to my whims.


Yep. I have various ways I can manipulate the maps to keep it fresh

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Hello mods, creators, and Reaper staff:


I am new to tabletop gaming and am looking to build my collection on a budget.  I had a question, that I'm sure you have been asked a thousand times already about the Bones 4 KS campaign.  I cannot afford to drop $100 for a core set, but from what I read, if I pledge anything over $1, I get a set, I just go to the back of the line.  Sorry if I misunderstood everything, but I couldn't get thru the 8k comments on the KS page to see if someone had already asked.  Thank you,and I'm sorry if this is a waste of your time.

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Okay, probably also a stupid question about the pledge manager. I pledged 100 dollar so far, and when I choose the core set in the PM it tells me I owe 114$ (14 are for shipping). Is it normal for the PM to have no information about the amount I pledged already, or are my accounts not synced?

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I'm not sure if I'm clear on things.


Let's say I'm interested in some, but not all of the Chronoscope stuff. Am I correct in reading that my only option is to grab the whole set, there's no option to pick and choose? Similarly, there's no option for getting duplicates of figures, short of ordering more complete sets or waiting until they come out in? For example, I'm not really interested in most of those cyber dinos, but I want at least a squad or two of the T-rexes, as those would make great Kss'thrata(sp?) for Planet Mercenary. A lot of that stuff works for Planet Mercenary, actually...

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