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Lord of the Dish Pit

Post Apocalypse Rabbit Thunderbird

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While rooting through various shelves I found this not far from the Thumpers. Around the same time I'd painted them I had found an old diecast car that had seen better days packed away in my boxes of model kit stuff. So I decided to "Mad Max" it a bit.100_0221.JPG.8d7fac643d433e25ed100c0a98c7aab5.JPG

Some testors CokaCola Red with layers of black and brown wash dirtied it up nicely. The rabbit originally came from a craft store many moons ago and had lost an eye along the way. So he got a felt eyepatch and a hair tie belt. The wood box and machine gun were made from balsa wood, the drum was a bit from GorkaMorka and the far tiny barrel was from a Lionel train set.


He certainly looks happy.


I dremeled off one of the side skirts to make room for a different wheel. The gas can is also from GorkaMorka and the stowage area is held in by a bit of necklace chain.


The bullbars were made with some random wire I'd found in the garage.



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I LOVE IT! That is UBERCOOLVERY IMAGINATIVE AND WONDERFULLY crafted/painted. Mad Max will never be the same. VERY WELL DONE!

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