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Wow!  Thanks for the detailed tutorial! At first look at the picture I thought to myself that I could never do something like that.  I still think my lines would turn out wonky but your tutorial makes it look less impossible at least.  Thanks again!

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4 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

Also, tanks for tipping me off about the Sibeccai.

(I'll be ordering that one the next time I get something from that site)


She's one of my favorite minis, mostly because I'm running a D&D game in the Diamond Throne setting from Monte Cook.  She and her lookalikes get a lot of use in my game. 




The Male Sibeccai Runethane from Iron Wind Metals is also a nice figure.  I've posted one in the show offs.  Male Sibeccai Runethane



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Added a link.
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This is relevant to my interests, because I've been eyeing Reaper's assorted highlanders.  I think I've figured out how to shade tartan, but hadn't yet gotten around to working out the pattern. 


Also, as an aside, I'm in the next maritime province east of you. 

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I've been eying the highlander, too.  I have a couple and what stops before I start is trying to figure out what to do the part which goes up over the shoulder.  The pattern is laterally compressed as a result of the bunching of the cloth, making it hard to figure out how to maintain continuity of the pattern with below their belt.  I'm going to try it at some point.  They are eying me mockingly from my shelf of shame for now.


Are you on The Rock?   Do you ever make it to Halcon?



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