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Started these back in October, specifically the Sara Blitzer conversion.  Was working on them at Reapercon, finished them during the Minivember challenge.  Based and sprayed last night. I also completed one more of the Tisdale cousins, from the BoGW.  They are ready for the game tonight. 




From left to right: 80024, 80049, 80014, 80019, 80021, 80010.


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23 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Nice work on them, I really like the Sara Blitzer conversion.

What arm did you use?


That's her original arm, boiled, bent and held with superglue. I did a little resculpting on the shoulder pad with a knife.  The gun is metal and came out of the bits box. Couldn't tell you where it came from. 


2 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Great looking bunch!


And what game would that be?


I'm in a GURPS Superhero game. We use these guys any time the GM needs security goons, paramilitary, or villainous thugs. 

Saturday night we invaded the evil villain's HQ, beat  up 4 of them, fatigue drained 2 more, and then gassed an entire room full of guys. ::D:

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