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Journal of recognition

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The Journal of Recognition #1 has begun shipping to distribution today (Wednesday September 4th).  So expect it in stores next week.


(If your local store hasn't put in orders to their distributors yet, let them know to place those orders.)


The JoR (as well as the other new releases) will be added to the online store shortly.

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So, what is the JoR?  I came here from the TMP announcement because it doesn't say what JoR is.  On the Reaper page itself all it says is that it is coming soon.  Why the secrecy?  Does everyone know but me?


I'm a casual CAV player -- I've purchased 20+ CAV minis and used them.  I will probably buy JoR -- if someone will tell me what I'm buying.   ???

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JoR is short for Journal of Recognition.  It's an annual release detailing the latest in available military hardware.  It contains:


Additional fluff on the existing CAVs, plus 21 new CAVs, 3 new vehicles and a small section on the Psyros!


Construction Rules for building your own CAVs, vehicles and/or their systems and weapons


Updated Datacards - all of the existing CAVs have new point costs to bring them into line w/the construction rules.


Updated Erratta and FAQ


MSRP is $24.95 for 160 pages

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