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Mother Nature Bust

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Wow. Always a pleasure to see one of your tutorials, and this is going to be a great one to watch! Thanks as ever for being so giving of your knowledge.

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This is such an extremely helpful thread, thank you so much for sharing all of this! :wub: I've wanted to start working on a bust I got as practice before tackling the Morihalda bust I got at ReaperCon, but been kind if intimidated. I'm more used to approximating facial features due to the scale on 28mm minis, so your excellent face painting tutorials you've done give me courage! ^_^



--OneBoot :D

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I've got some pics of my old busts from before photobucket ate all my wips.  I can try to post some of them here and show where I put things if it would help.  I feel bad- I'm trying to replace all my old tutorials but the sheer number of photos is killing my desire to repeat all the work.  Plus my hard drive died and took all the edited photos, so I have to go back to the original camera cards.  Which since I'm a hoarder, I haven't wiped yet.  yay for hoarding!


One place I go to look at how people paint busts is cmon.  kiril (yellowone), pepa, jarhead and nakatan are all in the top artist section and they do really stellar work on skin.  I go look at their eyes and textures especially.


thanks everyone!!!  

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The one picture of yours that I know I've seen but can't find is the one where you have a bunch of non-standard flesh tones that you demonstrated on the Bones cloud giantess.  This tutorial is probably enough to compensate on it's own, though.  


As always, thanks for being so generous with your time.  Your tutorials are amazing!  ^_^

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Gorgeous work as always! I know it’s super time consuming to make a detailed WIP; thank you for sharing your process with us! I’m excited to see where she goes!

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      There are four parts: a base, a robed torsos, a hooded head, and a pair of arms holding the dragon. Over the casting was good, but there were some issues with the resin sheaving (splitting off in layers) in the arms and the underside of the torso. These were sanded down, the given a layer of putty, then further sanded down. You can see the putty in the pics.
      I also hollowed out the sleeves and a portion of the hood. These were filled in almost to the opening. I used a Dremel tool and ball cutters to hollow them out and tried to match the inside with the exterior folds.
      One unique (to me) thing is the base; there is a two-leve' base with some symbols on it, and small stone house built on top of that. The roof structure is built into the torso's back. It sure beats the usual brass rod...
      Pics are where I'm at so far.
      Qs and Cs welcomed.

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