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(apologies for large sections of text- I like trying to explain what I'm thinking as I'm going, but I promise it will have lots of pictures!) Right, so I need to get started on a few new projects

okies dokie, more stuffs.    these two are face to face to show what I mean about picking a light direction/source. Also I've done more blending on the first pic, so you can see where t

oh wow!!  Thanks, Derek!  Yes!  I'd been looking back at the eyes and trying to figure out why they weren't quite right.  Although now I wish I'd seen this before the weekend... it might have to wait

Posted Images

Wow, I admire your ambition in painting a bust this size. 
You're doing amazing work and I am glad you're letting us see how you do it.  Thanks.

I am amused how those details in her hair have such utilitarian origins (covering moldlines).


As you know, I study faces and eyes a lot. 

Something looked odd about her eyes (beautifully detailed though you made them) and I realized it was that the irises and pupils are not concentric. 
(Granted, maybe you want some idiosyncrasy for a fantastical/mythological subject.)

Easy fixes to make the irises and pupils align:

a) Touch up the scleras to make the iris-circles smaller.

b) Expand the irises at the bottom to make the iris-circles larger.



What do you think?

It is subtle, but people will probably look at her eyes more than anywhere else.


Looking forward to seeing the rest of this.




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Cats are cool but I would prefer an Owl or a bird on her shoulder.


But don't mind me, I can sculpt a nice rock and that's it.

I love what you're doing here!


And I agree with @Cyradis we should have a "I love this" button.


We should have a "I love this and want to marry this thread" button!

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I actually prefer her with nothing on that shoulder. That way, that side of her body is where the "corruption" is growing while the other side flows upwards with the "nature".


This is a really beautiful piece and I love watching it all come together.

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Amazing work!! This thread has taught me a lot about painting, especially busts! 

In my opinion the inclusion of cats will imply the adaption of nature to the "corruption", this would occure due to them drawing attention away from the garbage.  Whereas the lack of cats would be used to draw more attention towards the garbage, making it a far more significant part of the finished product.
Personally I feel that the cats may make the bust look too cluthered, they would also destroy the contrast of the left and right side you currently have (The tree side has most of the 3D art occuring above the shoulder whereas the garbage side has most of it occuring bellow, I like the contrast this creates).

 I would do the mushroomts in yellow orche and burnt umber/siene colours. This would be used to represent nature healing or fighting back against human "corruption" (simillar to scabs forming over a cut). The earth colours would also imply the posibilty of growth (soil), and remind us that even the most beatiful flower feeds on dirt.


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First and foremost whoooooooo foxes! 


Secondly, that is a gorgeous bust! 


As for the cats... I'm neutral on it and so will second what DragonWyrm has said about such, in that it kind of feels like it takes... something away from the impact that the trash pile conjures up. 

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ok, guys!  Thanks for all the help!!!

No cat on the shoulder, but I did sneak one in elsewhere.  I also want to add a bird to her hair, but I'm working out where. In the meantime... I fixed the eyes!




I still need to go in and touch up the irises and add the lashes on the lower lids, but I did a few things other than move the  pupils.  I added some pink to the tear ducts and the lower inner lid.  I wasn't sure I wanted to add too much pink, but it's a lot more natural and I think it will work.  I mixed spattered crimson with linen white- it makes a nice warm pink that's similar to an old retired color (porcelain rose) that I like.  I also repainted the lower lids to add the shadow at the top directly to contrast with the inner lid. Now I just need to clean everything up and smooth my blends and add back in the details.  


I decided I needed to do something with giant blank space on her back. Large surface areas on a big mini mean one of two things: careful painstaking blending or sneaky tricks.  I vote sneak.




thus,  I bring you the freehand trick, courtesy of Marike's tips class.  Cover it in patterns and the blending becomes a whole lot of tiny areas. much more manageable.  Plus, patterns are fun!




So what I did was add the veins and then go back with the yellow and clean up the leaf shapes.  Now I have a few areas to work with where I can add shading, but It's not overwhelming.




I want it to be reminiscent of scales, feathers and leaves all at the same time.  See my kitty?  He's from reaper's cat lady mini.  I'll paint him up just enough to stand out from the hair, but blend in more with the hair than the pattern.




So, still working at it, but that's the general plan.




The other thing I did was get back to working on the shading on the face.  I did some research on 3/4 lighting, which is close to what I want and ended up darkening the face on the left. I added some pink in the to cheek on the right and red on the left.  Though I wasn't as happy with the red.  It ended up flattening the shadows so I have to be a bit more delicate with it.  From here on out, It's a bunch of touchups and blending




there's the pink




and the shadow changes.  I need to darken the philtrum on the left (that's the lines under the nose) It's too bright for the light direction right now. I ended up losing all the leaves on her cheek on the left due to adding the shadows, but that's ok.  I can pick them up later if I need them.

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