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77959 Graveyard and fencing

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I've decided to tackle the Graveyard/Mausoleum/Church building, along with the fencing(x2) and various tombstones and other pieces.

I'm a bit confused on what these pieces are. 8 came in the expansion and 4 more in the separate fencing add on in the third kickstarter. What are they and what are they used for?

I also thought I remembered that there were supposed to be skull fence post toppers included but I can't find that anywhere. 


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Toppers are in Bones 4.


I do recall a conversation on here that those are stoppers for the pillars.


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I knew I read something about toppers! Thanks.  

These fit well at the bottom. I thought it was a typo, but are they meant to be placed spike side down on the bottom of the pillars? 

The KS3 page doesn't show them at all. 

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I've been looking at those pieces too wondering what to do with them. I think the pillars are supposed to go with the wide part at the top and they plug the hole. But why the spiky part? Never did figure it out.

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I filed down about 1/8" from the front and back of the roof so it can be taken off with the church intact. There are rivets right above the gap at the back that I have to angle the roof to remove it.  

I'm ok with that gap, but is there a way to get rid of it while still being able to remove the roof?


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What I did with mine was not glue the walls together. They grip pretty tight as it is. So when I want to remove the roof I just wiggle one of the end pieces open a bit to let the roof come out.

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That is not a conclusion that I would have come up with.  

I think I'm going to go with the bottom(wider part) facing up, cutting the pour gate off, putting a magnet on the inside, and putting washers under the KS4 toppers to swap out whenever.  

Thank you very much?

My four walls would not sit 100% flush when pieces together. The bottom half of the back wall would have a slight gap. 

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Guess I was right about how it's supposed to be assembled just didn't know why the copyright stuff was there. I'll just file/sand it off when I get back to my fences.

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