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Guindyloo and Buglips paint DHL 02818: Bugbear Warrior!

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Alright, so after I stared at him for a while, I decided that there needed to be a bit of variance in the shadows to give the skin a bit more depth. At the same time, I was thinking about the hair and what direction I wanted to go with it. When you paint fur style hair, it's easy to have it look a bit jarring if you jump straight from a light colour to a much darker colour if they're not in the same colour family. So with that in mind, I thinned MSP Mahogany Brown down to a thin glaze.


I should've taken separate pictures of this next process, but I got a little caught up in things. So what I did was for the shadows, I dabbed off the extra moisture on a paper towel to control the placement of colour. However, for the airs of fur that met the skin, I left the moisture on the brush to leave it as sort of a wash to run into the recesses. I wanted it to colour the skin in the crevices beneath the strands of hair without completely changing the colour. So this is how he looked after those 2 things were done.




Then I took unthinned Mahogany Brown and filled in the rest of the hair.




Then I took MSP Rach Red and added it into the Mahogany Brown. I started this a little more gradually, but it literally did not show up, so I didn't bother taking pictures and just proceeded to a much brighter colour to give a bit more oomph.


So here's how that looked, which looks a lot more subtle in the pics than it did in person.




Next I added some Candlelight Yellow into the mix to brighten it up.


But Candlelight Yellow is a pretty translucent colour, so it didn't really do a lot once applied to the hair.




So instead I added MSP Saffron Sunset to that mix....... I apologize if the picture of it makes you feel like you've taken drugs.



That showed up much better on the hair.




Then I did a thin line of highlights with straight Saffron Sunset.




I am finally nearly caught up to where I am with my painting!

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With the major metal bits blocked in, I decided it was time to do something about his pants.  I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted them to be, only that it would be somewhat "reddish".  That could be red, red brown, or a rust color - in any case, the basecoat that would serve all three was old pro paint Aged Red Brick, shown here:




His pants are sculpted like they are random pieces sewn together so they could easily be painted as patchwork of different colours, but for simplicity I decided to just make them overall Aged Red Brick:






Next I decided to do his belt and leather strappings.  I went back to my trusty Coat D'Arms Rat Brown:




And then darkened it with reaper brown liner to make my shade coat:




And then forgot to take a picture of this step.  But it's okay, since you'll see it in pics of other steps.  So next I wanted to do the pouches.  He has a small one in front, and a large one on the side/back.  I decided to do the large one first and selected this:




Darkened it up with brown liner:




And there we go:




For the front pouch I chose Coat D'Arms Festering Brown:




Darkened that with brown liner (forgot pic) and put it on:





It's going pretty good so far!  While messing about with the pouches I decided to also tackle his leg wrapping.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, but decided maybe something between a bandage and a puttee.  So I picked out Coat D'Arms Horse Tone Roan:




Darkened it up with Brown Liner, and put it on:






I also painted his base, which seems to be mostly rock, in old pro paint Armor Gray.  It's my usual starting place for stones. 

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Next I wanted to basecoat his mace and his shield.  The shield is obviously wood, and I decided to make the handle of the mace wood as well.  Guindy doesn't like to use too many different colours because she doesn't want things to look too busy, which is true, but I tend to do the opposite - especially for quick jobs.  Essentially I do it because I want it to do what she doesn't want it to do, because a busier look on a piece, especially if it's in a group, can help disguise flaws in application.  If I were taking my time with it, a less busy look would pay off more because it wouldn't distract from the paintjob.  When you're trying to cut corners and save time, it's inevitable that you'll have to compromise some refinement.  It's a cheap trick to do it my way, but it is effective if your goal is to get things on the table that look decent enough.  Under scrutiny, such as a competition, this method may hinder results (judges will still find the flaws you tried to hide). 


So I chose to do both wood areas slightly different.  For the mace, I picked out old pro paint chestnut and woodland brown:




Mixed them in equal parts:




Darkened it with brown liner:




And on it went:




For the shield, I again used old pro paint woodland brown, but I replaced the chestnut with old pro paint shield brown:




Mixed that in equal ratios:




And then after darkening it with brown liner, I put it on:




Next I wanted to do some of his minor details.  So he has a rectangular... thing... on his belt.  I don't know what it is, but it looks like it has a cork so I decided it was a potion, or bugbear rum, or some kind of flask like that.  Maybe wrapped in leather?  Leather sounded good.  so I picked out this:




Darkened it up with brown liner, and put it on:




On the back of his belt he has a severed head.  Looking at it, it seemed kind of orc-like, so I decided that's what it was.  Maybe the orc owed him money.   Since the orc was clearly dead, I figured a good place to start would be old pro paint ghould grey (which I did not darken with brown liner):







And then I went back to my old pro paint copper I used earlier to make the bronze, and put it on some of his smaller metal details (again undarkened, it will get a black wash soon):







That more or less finished off the important basecoats, so the next step will be lining and then I'll start the layering up.

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Alright, so next up I decided to tackle the bandage on his right leg. Like Buglips, I wasn't quite sure how to go about painting it - it does look a bit like it's meant to be leather straps but I decided to go the bandage route because there's already so much leather on him and I felt like it was good place to put in a little detail for some visual interest without being too distracting.

So I started out by mixing a little bit of MSP Brown Liner with MSP Brown Sand.


I used that for my basecoat. I didn't really worry about whether it was a solid basecoat or not.



Then I took straight MSP Brown Sand and did a very broad highlight.



Then I added a little bit of MSP Dirty Bone to lighten up the Brown Sand.


And another highlight.



Then I used straight Dirty Bone to brighten things up a bit.




Then I did the highest highlight with MSP Graveyard Bone.



And I thought that looked pretty great, but this guy's a warrior so he's probably had this bandage on for a while and he's just ignoring the injury and not keeping it clean, so I decided to dirty it up a bit.

So I took MSP Bloodstain Red and added a little bit of Brown Liner so it would make a really dirty looking old stain.



I took that and just blobbed it around on the front and back portions of the bandage.




Then I took some straight Bloodstain Red and blobbed some of that around as well.




Then I decided that the brightest parts of the bandage were a little bit too bright, so I glazed some thinned Brown Sand over them to tone it down. I also took some GW Blood for the Blood God and blobbed that into a couple of spots to give a fresh blood look to it.



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Nice to see one of Bugs' hairy cousin show up on here. 

I did a couple for Rcon games last year (thou those were the Tre Manor ones).

They are a fun critter to paint up. 


Awesome work on both! 

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So my next step was to thin some Coat d'Arms Black at a 1:1 ratio and go in to fix up my lining.  Doing this guy I realized that since I wind up painting over most of the black wash in the basecoat anyway, there's really no need to do it with black - so now I've started doing my wash with thinned brown liner instead.  It still picks out the details so I know what's what, but it's a lot easier to paint over.






That done, I can start working my way up from the shade colours.  So I mixed up some more of my 50/50 Coat D'Arms Horse Tone Dun and Coat d'Arms Tanned Flesh basecoat, thinned it about 3 drops of water to one drop of paint, and put it on:






Then I added equal parts of Coat D'Arms White into the mix (4 drops) for the highlight layer of skin:






That don,e time to highlight the fur.  So the midtone here was just Coat D'Arms Hairy Brown, thinned 50/50 with water.  I wanted it a bit thicker than for the skin layer so that it would catch the furry bits with less risk of running all over the place (this also made putting it on a bit faster, since there's less to build up):







Now I needed to add something to Hairy Brown in order to make a highlight.  White would have made Hairy Brown a bit too grey, and I was looking for a veteran bugbear not a silverback.  I was concerned that yellow might not be bright enough.  So my solution was to combine the powers of both, which I rather handily found in old pro paint Buckskin:




Adding that to the Hairy Brown did the trick nicely:






Of course, his natural fur isn't the only fur he has - he's got some on his bracers and legging.  So I took some old pro paint Ash Grey and gave him a layer on those parts:






And then finished it off with a layer of old pro paint Granite:










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Alright, so this post is going to fail a bit in the step by step department. I got kinda into what I was doing and forgot to take a lot of pictures. So I'm sorry about that.


So I started out with basecoating the chainmail parts with MSP Pure Black. I didn't take a picture of that step. I then basecoated the rest of the metals with MSP Blade Steel and side brushed it over the chain mail as well. I'm trying for a relatively cohesive look overall, so I didn't want to do multiple colours of metallics and I wanted to stay away from gold because of his skin being yellow.




Then I mixed up some MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal with a touch of Pure Black and did a bit of shading with that.




Then I took GW's Nuln Oil and did a whole bunch of shading and I really should've taken more pictures, but I forgot.




Then I took MSP True Silver and did just some edge highlighting.




With the metallics done, I decided to move onto the disembodied head that is hanging from the back of his belt. I mixed up MSP Stained Olive with MSP Amber Gold.



And basecoated the head with that. I also took Pure Black and blacked out the eyes and the inside of the mouth.



Then I mixed MSP Spectral Glow with a touch of MSP Maggot White and filled in the eyes with that.



Then I took MSP Rach Red and dotted in irises.



Then Pure Black for the pupils.



Then I took Warcolours One Coat White and added reflection spots. It's hard to tell, but I did a dot in the upper left and also the lower right on both of the eyes.



Then I started highlighting the skin by mixing in Maggot White to the basecoat mix. I did several mixes there, the start is the lighter brown toward the middle. The next highlight up after that is the more tan colour.



So, first highlight...


Then second highlight.



Then I went way too far and took it up to straight Maggot White, which I really shouldn't have done.



I didn't like how that looked, but also, overall, I didn't like how close in colour the skin was to the leather. I thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to glaze in GW Coelia Greenshade. While that was drying, I added a bit more Maggot White to the previous Spectral White/Maggot White mix that I used for the eyes and painted the tongue with it and threw a little bit of GW Reikland Fleshshade over that.



Then.......things happened. I basecoated the hair with MSP Green Liner and highlighted it with.................honestly, I'm not sure. Maybe the original basecoat colour? And then, because the severed head was not already gruesome enough, I decided that it should be bleeding from its eyes.


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13 minutes ago, buglips*the*goblin said:


It's the nicest gross thing I've seen since Garbage Pail Kids. 

I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment. ::P:

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