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Help with a hag bargain


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Grumpy is REALLY good with those kinds of games, at least when he is playing a character that is good with those kinds of games. <_<


Last year he ran a Beyond the Borderlands campaign, where we needed to deal with Dispater.


Who was urbane, honest, and GENEROUS.


It wasn't until MONTHS after the campaign finished up that I realized how badly we had been played - us, his fellow devils, and the gods.


And how we were all THANKING him for the privilege!


We closed TWO Hellmouths, but never even asked if there was a THIRD.


We recovered a paladin's soul and Holy Avenger, and destroyed Mammon's hidden temple in the process, while Dispater cut a deal so he could open a LEGITIMATE temple, out in the open. Paying for three temples, the biggest Lawful Neutral, the next biggest Lawful Good, and the SMALLEST Lawful Evil.


We helped the DEFENSIVE Chaotic Good spider elves against the Chaotic Evil EXPANSIONISTIC spider elves, and closed a hidden temple of Lamashtu and another of Beelzebub, and Dispater was even honest that the evil elves were getting in the way of some of his plans, while the good elves weren't.


And the only one that benefitted from each and every deal was HIM. Everyone else only benefitted SOMETIMES.


And I had to admit that Eric, playing the paladin, had been right all along.

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