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Guild Ball - The Fisherman's Guild PVC IGG


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Welcome to this Indiegogo community-driven campaign to bring the iconic legacy teams to the brand new PVC material.

By supporting this Indiegogo project, you will receive the following:

  • The Fisherman's Guild: The Changing Tide in PVC
    • 6 Players, 1 Terrain Piece, 1 Goal, 1 Ball
  • The Fisherman's Guild: The Pirate's Return in PVC
    • 6 Players, 1 Terrain Piece, 1 Goal, 1 Ball
  • 12 Exclusive Alt. Art Cards - with unique artwork for the iconic Fisherman Captain Shark.



The Fisherman’s Guild: The Changing Tide

“Ain’t no other team who can catch ‘em. Until someone gets their game on, the Fishermen’s Guild will keep on winning.”

— Flint, Mason’s Guild

As a cunning predator, Shark is the kind of captain crowds love to watch and players hate to face because he’s aggressively fast. And he’s not shy about showing off. Circling the currents of the pitch, his plays aim to shame—he darts in, steals the ball, and sinks a shot in a flash of blue. Fading back into the murky shadows, he patiently waits to strike again.

Fast, agile, and fragile, his team’s playstyle is about outsmarting opponents with clever plays and swift goals. Led by one of the fastest captains, this team clinches the early game by sinking goals quickly. Coaches who want speed and a kick skill stronger than the surging tides will find this Fishermen team to be a perfect match.


The Fisherman’s Guild: Pirate’s Return

“I’ve heard all the rumours lad. Corsair’s a drunk – he’s not match fit! Appearances can be deceiving young blood – under his leadership we’re rebuilding, being shaped into his team again - ready for anything.”

— Greyscales, Fisherman’s Guild

Once the ambitious and charismatic skipper of his crew, Corsair was brought low by a brutal attack orchestrated by the Butcher’s Guild that sent him crashing out of the team. However cutthroat pirates like Corsair don’t fold sails easily – the exile has returned, desperate to reclaim his mantle

This Fisherman’s Guild side are slyer than other Fisherman teams in how they play their game; able to move enemy players around and cut away crucial opposition players. Their flexibility leaves them a dangerous footballing side, and coaches will love the tricks they can use to control the board. 


Exclusive Alt. Art Cards

For supporting this community-driven campaign, along with receiving this product early we are giving Indiegogo backers a set of Exclusive Alt. Art Cards only available during this campaign. The iconic Fisherman Captain Shark card also features brand new artwork as shown above.


Shipping will be charged after the Indiegogo finishes based on actual costs incurred to ship and is collected via our pledge manager system. This allows us to charge fairly for all backers and avoid a 'one size fits all' mentality to shipping.  

Estimated shipping rates are presented below - we have based these on our current set weights/sizes so we expect little deviation from these prices - however these are just estimates:

  • EUROPE: $10
  • USA: $15
  • REST OF WORLD: $20

Any pledges confirmed after our pledge manager deadline will be shipped from the UK hub at a later date and will likely incur increased shipping costs. 

Below is the general schedule once the Indiegogo ends so you know when to expect money to be taken and our overall shipping plan. Again these are estimates: 

Indiegogo Campaign Ends 

  • 0 Day – Pledges are charged. 
  • 1-2 Months – Pledge Manager sent to backers confirming address details and taking payment for shipping. Deadline of closing determined after this.
  • 1 Month Before Shipping – Any late confirmations after this deadline will be shipped from the UK after all other pledges are completed and may incur additional cost. 

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I like both of the Fisherman teams... The price is a little high. The current Plastic teams are $50 retail, and $45 at some discount places. These are $100 + $15 shipping for 2 teams... so basically what they are charging retail for the plastic teams now... So unless they are increasing prices on the plastic teams, there is not much of a crowdfunding incentive pricewise...

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I think they're taking a future price rise into account, supposedly their new Ratcatcher Guild set will cost a bit more than the other plastic ones.


I'd like to back this as the Guild Ball minis keep catching my eye, but I really need to see what their plastics are like up close first.

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