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Sculpted the final belly skin at lunch today.  Next I'll begin the arduous work of sculpting all of its feet. They are going to take forever.




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I'm finally getting back to this guy.  I did a dog sculpt and some other stuff in the interim. 


Today, I have a bit of a foot tutorial for you.  I took a picture at each step of the process of making its feet.  Take from it what you will.  I apologize ahead of time for the sometimes blurry shots; I was taking them on my phone from the bench, so...


Establishing the rough foot shape:





Cutting in the toes:







Defining the claws:





Defining the joints:





Adding details (like rough skin and striated nails):





I also completed one of the rear feet.  I would have done more, but I was also helping my son write a paper at the time and only accomplished about half of what I would normally get done.





The second foot turned out better than the first; I was kind of feeling my way through that one.  I may actually cut the first one off and redo it.  I like the way I defined the tendons in the rear foot better. 

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Wooohooooo, more updates to "Mr. Smiley", the happy go lucky basilisk (of doom) ! ^_^

Edited by WhiteWulfe
Came up with a better silly name :p
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A question comes to mind, out of curiosity...  The base you have there, is that the planned max dimensions / base size?  Can't remember if you mentioned that already or not. 


Also yaaaaay, so happy for updates on this I keep coming up to o this ection waiting to see more about the basilisk ^_^

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15 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

A question comes to mind, out of curiosity...  The base you have there, is that the planned max dimensions / base size?  Can't remember if you mentioned that already or not. 


Also yaaaaay, so happy for updates on this I keep coming up to o this ection waiting to see more about the basilisk ^_^


The base will be 40 mm long and 20 mm wide (at the rock). The base will extend about 1 mm in front of the front foot that is touching the ground and 1 mm behind the rear foot.  The base will be fairly minimalistic, remaining as thin and small as I can make it, while connecting the feet. We don't want to add a lot to the mini cost by having a lot of metal in the base.  My instructions were for it to fit on a cavalry base (1 in x 2 in).  In current D&D or PF terms, it would be a greater basilisk.


As for the progress, I am supposed to have it done by the end of February.  I am taking Friday the 23rd off to try and make that happen.  That said I am hoping to have the feet, and all the muscle work done before then, so I can spend that day concentrating on adding the skin/scale details.


There should be another update later today, as I will be sculpting at lunch again.

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So much for later in the day.  The week got crazy on me.


I underpinned his free feet to give me structure to build upon. I also sculpted the other foot on the rock.







Today, I sculpted the left side free foot (very hard to get a good picture of it) and added basic leg muscles on that side:






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I got no sculpting time at all last night. <_<


At lunch today, I managed only to have time to rip off the lifted claw I did yesterday and re-sculpt it so that the toes and claws are the right length in comparison to the same foot on the other side.  You will note that it is bent out and to the side.  This made it easier to sculpt it well from all angles.  I will bend it back in after I finish the leg in front of it.





Only one foot to go!

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Well, I had a productive Thursday and Friday.  I was off on Friday and was able to pretend I was a full time sculptor, until 1:00 when I had to prepare for a trip.  


I finished the feet and sculpted the forelegs:








After that, I started adding the pebbled scales to the body, in the gaps between the legs.  This doesn't look like much, but it was a fair amount of effort.  Scales take about 3 times longer than fur does (which is why I typically have to charge more for scaly critters than furry ones).  What you see here is about what I can get done in an hour and a half.






After this I decided I didn't like the length of the toes on the right-front foot, so I cut it off and rebuilt it.  now the nails are longer and the toe stubbier to better match the left side. (No pictures of this yet)


My client graciously contacted me and let me know that Wednesday is not a firm deadline; which is great because I was at a scout camp all weekend and my RL job is going bonkers right now.  That said, @NightyKnight is coming home from college for spring break next week, and we plan to have a lot of evening painting/sculpting time together (at least on the nights his girlfriend is working; for some reason he seems to prefer her company to mine :poke:), so I should be able to get this guy done then. ::D:


The next step is to sculpt the spines. As you can see in the above images, I trimmed the spine armatures, so they are the correct lengths now.  I'm not looking forward to sculpting these; they are going to be tedious and take forever.

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    • By TaleSpinner
      Some of you may remember the diorama I had started entitled Billy's Bad Day.  For various reasons, I am, for the most part abandoning that concept.  I was really struggling to tell the story I had in my head.  I still however want to paint my basilisk, and maybe include it in a diorama, but if I do, I will likely include another character that is a bit more relate-able to the viewer than a couple of goats. 
      More on that later.  For now, I'm going to concentrate on painting the basilisk as I have time between sculpts.  If I get that done and my other ReaperCon entry for 2019 in time, I will look into expanding this into a diorama. If not, this can still be my Open category entry.
      Here is the basilisk:

      The basilisk will be based on a Gila Monster:

      But instead of pink, the light areas will be inverse flame color (red up to yellow) with a black belly and skin. 
      A few months ago, I used my air brush to add a coat of brown liner/blue liner to the skin areas, then air brushed the rest with Cinnamon Red.
      Lately, I have been reading Rhonda Bender's (@Wren) blog, Bird with a Brush.  For the past month she has had a series of articles on Contrast that have really got me itching to pick up a brush again, but I've had way too much sculpting work to get done to do so. I strongly recommend that you follow her blog, it is excellent.  The articles on contrast are as follows:
      Compare and Contrast Contrast Versus Realism How to Paint Contrast – Mind Games How to Paint Contrast – Hands On   Last night, I was ill with a cold, but had slept much of the afternoon.  I wanted to relax, but my brain was just not functioning the way I needed it to to start the next step of the druid turtle, so I picked up this painting and decided to do the next step.  I decided to follow Rhonda's advice and add another couple layers of zenithal lighting value to the red, airbrushing on a coat of Sunrise Orange and another of Candlelight Yellow.  Then, I went back with a brush and base-coated all of the skin areas with a blend of Brown Liner and Blue Liner (I never use pure black for natural blacks).       So this is my base starting point.  From here I plan on using glazes to develop the shadows and highlights, pushing the contrast further than I have ever gone before.   Challenges I see coming for me in this project:   Finding time; I have a lot of sculpts in the hopper between now and January, so progress may be slow between now and then. Developing enough contrast.  I have a tendency to think it is enough and stop too soon.  I really want to push it on this one.  Keep me honest folks! Black/near black.  I've never been very good at black, so having major areas of black scares the stuffing out of me, especially since I will be covering major areas of finished color with black squiggles to make the gila monster markings; that's going to hurt.   The next step will be developing the major red shadows.   I want to thank Rhonda one more time for teaching, inspiring, and challenging me to do this.  I honestly believe that this is one of my best sculpts; I want it to be my best paint job as well.
    • By wickedshifty
      This guy was so fun! 
      Mmmmm...and my uploader is broken. Sorry...I’ll try again later...
    • By Mutilatedlips
      Found this in a box at a friends house. He gave it to me for free, I eventually painted it up and gave it back for free. Painting is fun!

    • By Sanael
      From Lunch Sessions I, my basilisk. Such a fantastic sculpt from Julie Guthrie. Painted up to decent tabletop quality. I still need to clean up the base, but that'll happen in a batch with some others.
      These photos are skewed very yellow, not sure why.

    • By Sanael
      TL;DR: I have a lunch break. I'm going to paint during that break. Finari and the Basilisk are first up.
      So, coming back from a hiatus, and I have several realizations:
      1. My painting station in the new house is not yet set up and won't be fully ready-for-use for a while,
      2. I have lots of house-projects to do with my spare time at home, and
      3. Winter is coming, so the Pittsburgh weather will not be pleasant much longer.
      This all points to one conclusion: I can stay indoors on my lunch break, eat quickly, and paint almost every day.
      So, I'm going to try to paint at least 3 days a week, if not 4, for 30-45 minutes at a go. I'll take pictures at the end of each session and post them here. When I finish up a batch of minis, I'll figure out what will be next and start a new thread (hence this being "Lunch Sessions I"). At the start of each thread, I'll lay out the goals for each mini I'm painting and reiterate my desire for honest feedback based on those goals.
      So, part one!
      Finari has been mostly basecoated since approximately 2014. This particular copy of her had some really nasty mold grossness on the face, so I carved away a lot of the plastic tumor. For this reason, she's a bit awkward in the face and my goal is mostly to get her done. I'm painting her as an Emerald Claw/Blood of Vol officer for my Eberron games, so there will be some very simple freehand to signify that affiliation; she's also got rather a lot of black, so I'll take the opportunity to work on that, since it's an important color that I don't feel confident with.
      The basilisk I want to paint purely for fun, but I want it to be a "tabletop display" piece. Smooth blends, etc. Nothing particularly advanced, technique-wise, but I want to show competency in the simple technique.
      Both pieces are starters to really get back in the swing of painting, paving the way for some more advanced/detailed stuff further down the queue.
      Day 0: this is where the minis were at the start of my session today. They're mostly basecoated already, with a little bit of highlighting on the basilisk's dorsal ridge and Finari's hair.

      You can also see some of the Rathcore V3 miniatures holders we recently received from their Kickstarter. So far, I really like them. I have a couple of the larger painting handles as well, but decided not to use them for these minis. My only problem with these is there's no good way to use the holders for penny-based figs. That said, I think I'll be able to make my own corks for penny bases when the time comes.
      Day 1:
      Today I was able to paint for about 45 minutes. Part of that time was spent painting pennies black to finish out the bases of the kobolds and rats I put up in Show-Off the other day.
      For these two, I brought up the highlights on the dorsal ridge and Finari's shoulders closer to linen white, sketched in the Vol blood-drop on her shield and based the red scales/ear-flaps on the basilisk. I also found several spots where Finari's original basecoat had worn away and touched those up.

      For the basilisk, I'm trying to decide what the smaller side-and-belly scales should look like, as well as his spines and claws. I think I like the darker green for the smaller scales, but I'm not sure if I should go pale or dark for the claws. Any thoughts?
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