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30 minutes ago, kristof65 said:

yeah, kids can say things to their dads that would be offensive or misunderstood coming from a some guy on a forum.



Let me be totally clear here: It would be hard for any of you to give offense by making an honest critique. 


As far as I am concerned, I want every mini painter to have a vested interest in my sculpts.  I WANT you to like them.  My clients I am sure want you to like them.  If you see anything that I am doing that is off, PLEASE let me know.  I would far rather that, than release something with a defect that causes people to not want the mini down the road.  I am not one of those artists who views everything I do with an air of self-expression.  I have spent 30+ years as a technical writer; critique is not something that bothers me in the slightest.  I may not always act upon your critique, and critiques that either pull the sculpt away from the style I am striving for or from my client's wishes will likely be accepted and not acted upon, but I will accept them and give them due thought.



At lunch today I cut off all the adornments and then shaved away the skull around the eyes, opening them up more to the sides of the head.





Then I sculpted the brown ridge and upper eye sockets of the skull, bringing them more forward and swept back than before.  Bear in mind that this will still need scales/skin on it.  I'll be doing that tonight.  For now I just need those ridges to harden.



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Ooohh, that looks way better.


I understand what you're saying about wanting honest critique, but I still don't feel right saying anything if all I have to add is "It looks derpy" or "something looks off" without having a clue of why I think it looks that way. 


For example, back when you fixed the scales and muscles of that one leg - something looked off to me, but I couldn't have even begun to narrow down what it was that looked off, let alone why.  Once you pointed it out and fixed, then it was obvious to me what it was.  The face was a little more clear, but you had already addressed it before I would have gotten back here to say something. 

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I do like the outward-sweeping horns, but you're right that those eyes keep him in the "cute like a mammal" department. Something about the less forward-facing eyes on most reptiles trips our monkey hind-brains, I think, in a way that binocular eyes don't.


Looking forward to the new face!



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3 hours ago, Clearman said:

The new brow ridges give him a more sinister/scheming look.

I agree.  He looks like he's ready to take over a multi-national corporation, or better yet, get up to some serious mischief! 

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I liked the derpy version. The new, improved version is looking good too. I would buy both versions given the opportunity. Which is why I have so many unpainted minis.

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The eyebrow-horns aren't working, but what if you get rid of them and build up its brow ridges a bit? The ridges could be shaped to give the facial expression a bit more menace.


[EDIT] Ah, like what you've just done in fact :)

Edited by MojoBob
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As I prefer the new shape of the eyes, something feels strange with the ridges. Maybe they’re too thick.


Are you going to put the rhino horn you drew on your first post? I liked it!

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2 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

What, don't you take magical protections before dealing with petrifying gazes?





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      This guy was so fun! 
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      Found this in a box at a friends house. He gave it to me for free, I eventually painted it up and gave it back for free. Painting is fun!

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