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1 hour ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

*pinches the basilisk's cheeks and looks into its eyes* Awwwww, aren't you the cutest thing!

Careful, when it nibbles, you might lose fingers now instead of colours momentarily.

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57 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

I hope I don't miss it when your client puts these up for sale! This guy is looking amazing! I love how he's coming together.


I will typically post it in the Kickstarter page and a link to there from here.  This will likely be in an Indegogo or KS project later this Spring.

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I give you Derptacula, the Basilisk of Derpiness










Yeah, so I thought I'd finished him, but...I really hated how those last few scales on the the head look.  In one session I ruined the entire look and feel of the sculpt.  This is what sometimes happens when I try to design on the fly.


I also finished its tail and added to the rock/underbelly to eliminate undercuts.


I ripped them all off last night and started again, this time adding another line of pointy ridged scales instead.  I only actually have one eye ridge done yet (these take a long time). 







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Ooooh, love the redone scales above the eyes.  Makes it feel like there should be a white Persian nearby, especially at that angle the pics were taken (aka Bond villain syndrome, where sooo many Bond villains can be identified by the fact they're holding a white Persian cat) 


I definitely want to get one, because the basilisk also looks like one who'd be up for a decent amount of mischief... 

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He definitely looks like he means business!  The new ridge of scales makes him look more intimidating; before them in the 2nd last pic he looked a bit more friendly than I think you were going for.


I'm pretty sure it's actually just the overlap of teeth and lower lip scales, but the very similar angle of the last 2 pix sort of make him look a bit like he's sticking just the tip of a pointed tongue out a little bit, ::P: which might be contributing to the friendly look I just mentioned.  So that certainly could be mere illusion. 



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Although I wasn't sad* about the "cute" direction, I really like the brow ridge scales!


Right now, they do look a bit like an eyebrow...I think it's the last two scales to the right (of the image, his left). I feel like they either need more spiny scales above them (almost like a frill of scales on his forehead leading up to the dorsal ridge of spines), or an outward sweep (similar to the brow ridge and horn above the eye of an Ankylosaurus or Carnotaurus). 


The two scales toward the center are definitely intimidating. He looks ready to eat a Bard!




*Given that it's a creature who's primary defensive/predatory tool is its gaze, a wide open eye made a lot of sense to me**, even if it didn't look, to a human, intimidating.



**Yes, I realize my outward-sweeping brow ridge suggestion directly contradicts this logic. But I stand by my thought that a Carnotaurus basilisk would look totally rad.

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    • By billeecats
      Basilisk from the Bones 5 Core Set.
      I wanted to give him the classic green and gold coloring of the basilisks of lore, and I am happy with how he turned out.
      Learning how to blend and layer is a continuous process of improvement for me, so tips and advice are welcome! 


    • By R2ED
      One of the two selections this week was the basilisk. I immediately knew I wanted to this guy as blue when I saw him, but didn't realize I'd go orange, too.

      * Started this one with a brush coating of the new dark purple from Bones 5.  I mean, you get these new colors, you gotta use 'em, right?
      *  Lightening up the purple to blues with rich indigo, then again to aquamarine.  I wanted the blue to really pop.  
      *  After getting all the blues in place it immediately occurred to me I wanted to go in a different direction.  I looked at the color wheel and saw orange on the opposite end of the spectrum.  Let's do it.  Used it as a filter to not lose the dry brushing color and it ended up making a cool skin effect.  Sweet!
      *  Using the orange now as my basis for something brighter and could lighten up, I placed it between all the scales and used it to bring forward the shadows.
      *  The shadows weren't bright enough, so I took the liberties of using an orange/yellow mix to show scales on the underbelly and match them to the little dots I found on this guy's skin.  With there only being a few dots they looked out of place, so I added some more dots to bring it out.  May have gone a little heavy handed...
      *  Taking a note from my Werewolf I did in a previous post, I used the Drakenshade for areas where the muscle or armor were and used it very sparingly.  Looks great and worked great!  Helped define the musculature.  
      *  Eyes pop, but feel I could have made them better.
      *  I love the way the bone and horns look, but I'm not sure they work for this basilisk.  I originally had them as blue, but opted to keep them light.  Not sure how anyone else feels about this?
      *  The scales on the feet needed something and rather than going orange, I went with the blue seen above.  Again, seems pretty bright and I'm not totally sold on it, but it works.
      This guy was fun, looks good overall, but also has a LOT going on for colors.  Obviously, this is a departure from classic basilisk colors, but then again - IT'S FANTASY!  I thought making the yellow areas look as though they are soft spots for a team to target.  Not sure it worked fully, but it was fun.  Win.
      If you have any feedback or comments, please lay them on me.  I can't get better without some direction from the team.

    • By nihilville
      I ended up going in a little bit of tropical direction with this guy, using some really bright, lush greens. For his eyes, I wanted to elude to his petrifying gaze by giving them milky, cataract like coloration.

    • By Sharkbelly
      On the board this week is the basilisk. I have started the base coat on the lower half and the first wash.

    • By Pingo
      This is the Reaper Bones 77371 Basilisk sculpted by Julie Guthrie. It's quite small - about the size of a large dog, with a wonderfully grouchy visage.
      I painted it up fairly quickly to illustrate a video about how yellow and black can be mixed to make greens. This was an example of the less vivid greens (For a really vivid yellow-and-black green, see my She-Hulk Show-Off thread). All the colors on the critter were mixed just from yellow (mostly Yellow Ochre, but also a little Hansa Yellow), black, and white.
      The video is here, if anyone cares to watch it.



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