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60190, Skreed Gorewillow, half-orc alchemist

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42 minutes ago, hotdogthebarbarian said:

Wow! This model is in the same scale as Reaper minis?


Well, blow me down. That IS a reaper mini. Those eyes are incredible.


You should see what Derek did with the iconic Gunslinger mini, post-production. :blink: 

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Thanks, everyone!

@Pingo: I like seeing the closeups of your figures' faces, too!

@Glitterwolf: This was the first time I had done a dark-sclera, light-iris eye to this level of detail.  It's an interesting detail of the character design.

@hotdogthebarbarian: Welllll, "same scale" but slightly exaggerated.  The character is supposed to be tall, so the figure would be 35mm (=7', if 30mm=6') if he were standing straight.

@haldir: Yeah, I rolled out a few spheres of putty for the globes of the bombs, then after they hardened I stuck them on and added the string and necks/corks, so the whole mass would be suitable for casting.  And thanks for remembering the gunslinger!  Her eyes still follow you everywhere ...

@Metalchaos: Now that you mentioned it, I looked up Johan's contact info at his website, so I just emailed him with a link to this forum thread and the photos.  Sometimes illustrators like seeing their work translated into 3D.  

@Darcstaar: Yes, I make most of my figures' noses and ears rosy, especially when an inhuman color like this needs to look a little warmer/"natural".  Many of my past figures seem to have colds or be drunk....

@Clearman: My size 0 Kolinsky sable brush by Escoda holds a very fine point.  I could probably touch up the sides of the lines to make them even thinner, but ... there are other projects on my desk awaiting paint!



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      I started Rimeblast a couple weeks ago.  She's the first thing I've painted in some time.  It won't be anything special (I've got to learn how to up my game one of these days), but it's a start.
      This won't be a real in-depth thread, just the "end of the night" update after a painting session.

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      This is better.  This is Sky Blue with little bits of Deep Ocean peaking through.  I'm "OK" with that.  It gives some variation so she's not (quite) all the same shade.  I'm thinking I'm going to take a heavy drybrush of Frosty Blue, and then a lighter drybrush of Ghost White, or even Sparkling Snow, to finish the scales. 
      The scutes (belly scales) have received a coat of Foggy Grey which is, I've discovered, very close to the shade of Vallejo grey primer already on it.  I'll likely be using Pure White and Sparkling Snow to finish those up--assuming I don't go back and redo them in Rainy Grey.  I'm afraid the countershading will be a little too "bright" if I leave them at "Foggy."
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      Thanks for dropping by!
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