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14181: Osric, Necropolis Hero, a vampire warrior with a crazed chihuahua's expression


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21 hours ago, joshuaslater said:

Looks great, like he stepped out of an oil painting!


Thank you! Julie Guthrie did a great job sculpting him. I kept thinking of works from the Spanish Counter-Reformation as I was painting him.


13 hours ago, VolksFest said:

Great skin tone as always.. I actually like the smirk on his face.. The knowing bitter smile of immortality.



Yeah. Seems like half the vampires I’ve been painting have these serene wide-eyed sweet faces and half look inhuman and wretched and I’m not sure which are the more disturbing.


12 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great work!

He looks like he is driven mad by the bloodlust!


I like the armor, it looks ancient, worn and yet it looks like it can take a few hits.


The armor is basically a muddy dark brown rust color very lightly brushed on the high points with thinned silver metallic paint to make it look dark and old and worn.


The ragged cloth hanging from his belt is essentially as it was after my initial priming. As I painted the rest of him up I liked more and more the stained, grimy look that came just from the umber wash. I cleaned up the highlights and added some yellows, but that’s all.


As I have said before, I think blond vampires look especially creepy.

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