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All Hallow's Eve - 01450

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This looks like a great figure to practice lighting effects on.  I particularly like the way the light fades into a sunset orange at its fringes.

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4 hours ago, VolksFest said:

All that in just 2 hours?! Incredible.. And the end result is a very satisfying OSL.. We gotta get more OSL from you now.. ^_^ 


I am trying to decide whether to keep her as is or dip her and try again. I will probably leave her. I actually have another one of her. Maybe I will try a second one and take my time and do lots of glazing and apply everything I learned. Why not?


It took it a little bit to click in my head because this was not what I was expecting to learn today! I thought it would just be the OSL part, not the whole atmosphere type stuff. Now that I I have a grasp of how it should be done, I will definitely be practicing a lot more OSL! I got Judgement's Istariel and Andrea's Olfo Fastfeet for Christmas. Both need lots of OSL!


2 hours ago, Pingo said:

This looks like a great figure to practice lighting effects on.  I particularly like the way the light fades into a sunset orange at its fringes.


This was not at all what I had planned for this figure. When we were told to bring a model primed in black, I grabbed her because she had a lantern and I have 2 of them so if I messed it up, I still have a second one. It ended up being perfect for this exercise! Roman said I need more oranges now. First I needed more dark red, then more orange! The dark red is red mixed with...Nightshade Purple! She is actually basecoated with Nightshade Purple and her moonlit side is NP with a little light blue added for each subsequent highlight. (I was using supplied paint so I don't know the other colors. I had purchased a new bottle of Nightshade Purple though!)


One other little note on this figure. I thought she had bows holding her overskirt back. They are tiny bats! She is so cute!


2 hours ago, Geoff Davis said:

Thanks for showing her.  I feel like I learned something just looking at her.


Thanks! Once the concept clicked, it honestly seemed easy. I learn so much better when I can see someone else do it. I didn't understand from his description but when he brought his practice mini around it was a lightbulb moment!

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      "The lights must never go out... /
      ...lest we should see where we are, /
      Lost in a haunted wood, /
      Children afraid of the night /
      Who have never been happy or good."

      --W. H. Auden, "September 1, 1939"

      "Come, wayward souls that wander through the darkness! There is a light for the lost and the meek..."
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