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Bones you dont like to see


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I discovered Bones just two weeks ago and i bought about 200 already. (a lot of characters and monsters, mostly 3-6 times). i would like to change to plastic completely.


i didnt bought a single model from decembre and january news. not one.  i dont like them. i think they are more modern numbers and i didnt buyed reaper models for years. because i dont like them.

Reaper should look at the models  out of stock -- oh yes 80% sandra garrity older models, rest 20% also older models. if they continue with these kind of models from decembre and january i am out.

i hope strongly we get a big bunch of clasics in the next wave.

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I was waiting since July 25, 2015 to add Behir, kobolds, temple dragon and brain in a jar to my cart. All of them part of an expansion of Bones 3 Kickstarter and finally released in January. I couldn`t afford paying $50 for this expansion when the KS was live.


i hope strongly we get the last models from Bones 3 KS so I can complete my order.

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Honestly not trying to be controversial here, but I would not shed many tears if the first hundred or so metal Dark legend figures were quietly phased out. The level of detail and proportion just doesn't begin to compare with recent offerings. I'd be curious to know if many of these get sold nowadays. And to be honest I find a lot of Sandra Garrity's old figures seem to be almost exactly the same pose as each other.

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Less Reaper-specific, but more generalized, here is the philosophy I've cobbled together from my time on these boards:


The objective is for people to buy things they like, and have fun.  It's a pretty simple philosophy.  I want everyone to have a good time with this hobby. 


As a broad guiding principle, it works pretty well - but it gets a bit wobbly in the particulars.  The thing is, I don't actually know what makes a good time for any particular person - there's no way to know.  Every single person, by necessity, is a peculiar and unique individual.  I don't know what you like, or why you like it.  But I don't really have to for the principle to work.


I know that my taste in figures is informed by a myriad of different things.  I like the older figures because I like Sandra Garrity.  I like her because I liked Ral Partha.  I like them partly because they were the hot thing in the 90s when I first got into figures and shaped my tastes.  I like them partly because they represent where we came from, the legacy the present is built on.  I like some of them because they're weird.  I like RAFM figures because they have a fun, earnest crudeness about them.  I like things for reasons I can't even explain.  And I know that the sum of all of that is a set of rules and criteria that apply exclusively to me.


And that everyone else is like me, except their criteria are different.  Sometimes so completely different that I can't even fathom why they like what they like.  But, well, I don't have to.  So long as they like it, they're painting it (or not, some people don't like painting either), and they're having fun then the important parts are covered. 


So where I get insistent is not in the particulars of one figure or another, or the peculiar merits thereof, but in promoting and maintaining a general attitude of goodwill that is accomodating to different tastes without ruining anybody's funtimes.  Everybody's idea of a fun time is different, so the board will be at its best when all participants on it respect that this is true.  Nobody likes it when somebody trash-talks the things they like, so the best way to prevent it is to not do it to others.  The alternative is chaos and cliques, where chibi-lovers and mousling painters square off against space marines and historical painters.  Nobody wants that. 


For the record, chibi figures are not my thing.  But so long as nobody griefs me about my wolfmen with crab arms (marbrezuk/glabrezu) I welcome every anime-eyed dracula and wolfman Reaper makes. 

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Some very interesting points here. 

People have quite divergent tastes, also based on maybe what they're using the minis for at the mo. Like, I'm still working up enough minis to do an RPG campaign in swamp terrain (to make use of terrain I've created) so I'm focused on those and very meh about stuff like Chibis for instance in general. 

I think it's easy enough to appreciate many of Reapers models even if there are plenty you don't like, like some prefer fantasy over say Chronoscope.

It's just so hard generally to beat Bones prices, especially when buying through the KSers... when you need something like 200 minis, but don't want to pay GW prices, for instance, Bones are well worth it.


Anyway just my two cents.

Buy what you like, like what you buy. 

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I am always glad when people buy what I do not like, asti makes a bigger, more interesting hobby.


Though I also like people to buy what I buy as I alone could never support anyone making what I want as I do not buy enough, and I doubt any individual could. 


I think another big divide here is RPG use and diorama/display. Bones IV had some pieces that are pretty strongly on one side or the other, but most can straddle the middle. Met als is perhaps more on the display side and bones on the play side, but that is great. I love looking at the painting people do, and some are so fantastic I would not even want to touch them for fear of damaging them.  Others would be great RPG play pieces. 


I really enjoy peering over the fence or through the knothole at aspects of the hobby I do not share. 

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