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TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds - Make 100

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We are pleased to offer high quality silicone molds to cast floor and ground terrain for your tabletop roleplaying and miniature campaigns.  The molds come in two forms:  Square and Hexagonal.  The square tiles are 1" square and the hexagonal tiles are 1.5" inscribed radius.  

We have been casting for decades and have developed our moldmaking skills.  By doing this we have adopted a "speed mold" concept where we eliminate redundant and time-sapping glue ups by making molds that cast a variety of clustered shapes.  Need a 3x3 room?  Just pour the 3x3 ready made mold!  

We offer molds for the following terrain types (in both square and hex):

  • Flagstone
  • Cobblestone
  • Chipped Stone
  • Grassy Field
  • Wavy Water
  • Lava Stone
  • Desert Sand
  • Metal Diamond
  • Metal Grid
  • Riveted Metal

Stretch Goals include:

  • Rocks and Dirt
  • Hedgerow
  • Mayan Cenote
  • Submarine Bay
  • Brick Road
  • Road and Path
  • Cavern Stone
  • Blasted Earth
  • Wooden Floor
  • Coral Reef
  • Glacier Ice
  • Fungal Floor
  • Scrub Grass
  • Deep Forest
  • Snowy Wastes
  • Dwarven Factory

Sure you can buy a 3D printer and sit and wait, but anyone with a straight edge and some plastic cups can pour a hundred tiles in an hour.  Casting is straightforward and simple and can be done rapidly.

We also offer friendly licensing terms for commercial use casters.  For the greater of a small quarterly fee or 5% of sales, you can sell any casts from our molds (but you may not sell molds using our designs).  See the licensing sheet on our website for all the details.  We even waive the royalty for certain sponsorship opportunities.

Grassy Field Square Tiles Grassy Field Square Tiles


Hexagonal Grassy Fields Hexagonal Grassy Fields


Desert Sands Square Tiles Desert Sands Square Tiles


Water Waves Square Tiles Water Waves Square Tiles


Fieldstone Square Tiles Fieldstone Square Tiles


Metal Grid Square Tiles Metal Grid Square Tiles


Cobblestone Square Tiles Cobblestone Square Tiles

What about the STL files?

We have tons of 3D development going on including enhanced tilesets.  My favorite is our "Rock and Dirt" hexes and that's just the beginning!

Rock and Dirt Hex Tiles Rock and Dirt Hex Tiles

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I have several Hirst Art molds and unless I am missing them he does not sell floor tile molds with multiple tiles cast in one piece, i.e. 3x3 cast in one piece. It would help when building large rooms.

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Having tiles from multiple manufacturers is nice at times.  You can set up rooms that immediately look different from the hallways, etc.


Hex tiles are something I'm picky about though.  The games I use hexes in make extensive use of hills, so I need them designed to stack easily.

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I'll stalk this one.  I've decent selection of Hirst Arts already (that I don't use enough).  I'm not a fan of the "action movie trailer" style video for it.  We'll see.

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