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Forged In Battle's War & Empire III: Dark Ages, last 24 hours!

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Now live.  In the newsletter sent last night Andy listed all the armies he hopes to produce for this Kickstarter:



Vikings, Normans and Anglo-Saxons are the first 3 available with the original target goal.


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And funded in less than an hour.  Looks like they may (not really liking the new KS showing me everything in my currency thing) have surpassed the first stretch goal before the creators even got the update out....


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War & Empire III funded in 41 minutes
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Thank you guys, we are fully funded for the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and Normans, not only did we achieve that but we smashed through to the Late Romans.

Everyone at King and Emperor receives a General Aetius miniature on horse back as a free stretch goal reward.

Back Catalogue Armies unlocked are Carthage and Numidia.

Next up we have the Palmyran troops of Queen Zenobia.

Next Free Stretch Goal mini is Queen Zenobia

Next Back Catalogue Unlocks are Spanish, Gallic, Etruscan and Campanian.





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Help I cant keep up!
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hi everyone, I'm trying my best to keep up with the speed of the project but you guys keep busting through my Stretch Goals.

Great stuff, that's the Palmyran troops in the bag and now on to the Huns.

Queen Zenobia is added as a Free Stretch Goal to all King / Emperor levels.

Back Catalogue armies unlocked are Spanish, Gallic, Etruscan and Campanian

Remember please share, share, share then do a little sharing it all really helps.





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Attila the Hun is now available for scourging etc.
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Yes we now have Huns. Hot on their heels are the first of the Byzantines under emperor Justinian.

Back Catalogue Unlocks Early Hoplite Greeks and Spartans

Free Stretch Goal Attila the Hun mounted is added to the swag

Next up is Justinian

Following the Byzantines we will have the Arabs, any suggestions for a Free Stretch Goal?



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Let the Conquest Begin
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hi everyone, I see a lot of new Backers arrived during the night hello and welcome. The Justinian Byzantines are now unlocked and our next army will be Arab or should I say collection of armies as you can field a few armies from the Arab list.

Emperor Justinian is added to all Stretch Goal levels for Free

The "Falcon of Andalus" Abd al-Rahman I will be our next Free Stretch Goal. I like the movie El Cid may even watch it today to get in character.

Back Catalogue Armies now open are: Early Carthage, Late Carthage, Numidian, Spanish, Gallic, Campanian, Etruscan, Early Hoplite Greek, Spartan, Later Spartan, Later Hoplite Greek, Pyrrhic,Early Achemenid Persian and Later Achemenid Persian,




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Time for a change of Theme?
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hello everyone, we have new backers on board, welcome and thanks for pushing us on to the Arabs. Keep sharing everyone the more people we reach the more armies we can unlock!

The armies of the Arabs are funded.

Adb Al Rahman is the free stretch goal added to all King and Emperor levels.

Next we have the Thematic Byzantines.

I have updated the Stretch Goal map on the front page.

I like to make our campaigns a little interactive so with that in mind who would you like to see as free Stretch Goal miniatures for the forthcoming armies. Feel free to post your suggestions on the comments page. P.S. King Arthur is a definite.

Back Catalogue Armies now open are: Early Carthage, Late Carthage, Numidian, Spanish, Gallic, Campanian, Etruscan, Early Hoplite Greek, Spartan, Later Spartan, Later Hoplite Greek, Pyrrhic,Early Achemenid Persian and Later Achemenid Persian,Bactrian Greek, Skythian, Later Pontic





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Building a Darker Age
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hi, even in the Dark Ages people had to have somewhere to live. So the first of our    Add-ons are a selection of Dark Age buildings to really give the battle field a sense of atmosphere or better still somewhere to raid!

Add-ons are extras you can pledge for in addition to a pledge level to really sweeten the deal!

Pledging and selecting Optional Add-ons

To add an Optional Add-on, click “Manage my Pledge” in the top right corner of the Kickstarter page and input the total value of everything you want. For example, if you’re at Emperor (£120) and want to add a set of the war & Empire rules to your pledge simply increase your pledge by £10 making your Total Pledge £130.




 If You have any ideas for buildings then we would love to hear them. Just post it up on the main comments section. When we reach our next Stretch Goal we will begin to unlock the Back catalogue buildings and the Village People are coming.

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Your once and future King!
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Byzantium has fallen (again). Fantastic we are steadily gaining new backers, and thank you everyone who upped their Pledge to get us to the Thematic Byzantines.

The Free Stretch Goal is Emperor Leo III mounted on a horse, which all our Free Stretch Goals will be, with the exception of the guys who fought on foot, like Harald Hadrada etc.

Next Army is the Arthurians.

Next Free Stretch Goal is King Arthur.

Back Catalogue armies unlocked are: Thracian, Classical Indian and Pontic.

Working on the miniatures video, or should I say videos.  We have around 250 miniatures to get through, they are looking pretty impressive so far, can't wait to show them. Expect something by weekend....... plus a few more goodies.

Meantime, please share share share!





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On a lonely sword leaned he, Like Arthur on Excalibur In the battle by the sea.
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Well that was an interesting weekend! I was expecting a slow start to the week but lo and behold we bashed through to the Arthurian's.....brilliant stuff.

Im now familiar with my new video software and it works which is comforting. On the video front I have been busy and we now have a total of 7 videos to show off the great variety of minis already sculpted. I will post these regularly through out the campaign on a Wednesday and a Saturday.

Quick note: if you follow us on Facebook would you mind sharing our posts on any wargaming Facebook Groups that would be a great help. The more we share the more people we reach.

Free Stretch Goal Added to all King and Emperor levels is King Arthur (mtd mini)

Next Army will be the Horde, which covers various horse archer peoples, the heavy cavalry are generic.

Next Free Stretch Goal is King Krum +


Yes the Next Free Stretch Goal Rewards will add Harold Godwison, Harald Hardrada and William the Conqueror.





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Shiny Happy People
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hi everyone just adding a few goodies to the Add-ons section. Some very nice Viking Villagers, a Byzantine church and a Norman Motte & Bailey fortress. As an added extra how about a selection of buildings from our Back Catalogue. Its easy to add these items to your pledge.

Plus here's another video to check out, this time its sculpting.

Remember please share on Facebook, Twitter etc.









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King Krum rules!
Posted by Andy Cooper, West Wind Productions (Creator)

Hi gang and welcome to the new backers who pushed us up and over the Horde. Now we can make a multitude of horse archers.

Who wants us to make an Arthurian character pack? Any suggestions for characters?

Free Stretch Goals Added- King Krum on horse, Willam the Conqueror on horse, Harald Hardrada on foot and Harold Godwinson on foot.

Next Stretch Goal Army- is Nikephorian Byzantine.

Next Free Stretch Goal mini- will be Alp Arslan




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