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Dark Heaven Apocalypse

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IIRC most of the fluff in the original box came from Casket Works 1 that was included in it. This is in the same archive as the rules as CW : 1. If I get a chance I will dig out my game to confirm though.  I bought the game immediately after playing it at a convention in Fort Wayne, IN many years ago. 

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The rulebook from the Dark Heaven starter set came with a whole lot of fluff from each kingdom and a paragraph about most of the figures and even some models that took 10+ years to come out( http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Dalton krieg) and It also had the 12th Journal of Johann Kruger. There was a D20 Adventure book too. The Warlord game takes place in the same world which is also full of fluff.

We have adapted the rules to use as a campaign and have played it for years


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