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So, a looooooong time ago, I painted this as a gift to my then-girlfriend (now wife), known to a few around here as Nissiana:


Then the 54mm "Master Series" came out. Nissiana picked up the Monique DeNoir figure and painted a stellar monochrome version as a gift for me. Around the same time (shortly after the model was released, so early 2008), I picked up the 54mm counterpart of the above figure, Maria Roseblade. I intended at the time to paint her as a gift to Nissiana...and I started painting her. Got a few basecoats, even. Then, other projects for games, contests, etc. cropped up and Maria was sidelined. It's been a running joke ever since, as Nissiana knows about the intended gift.


So, before mid-March 2018, I want to finish this up.


Here's where we are:


I want to follow the oxblood leather/blue top ideas of the original figure, but the light blue piping is getting replaced with ivory lace. I'm also happy with where I left a lot of the skin, so I don't need to repaint much. But there's plenty left to do!


The white patch on her thigh is greystuff, required for some gap filling.


Here we go!

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Got about half an hour in today. Worked mostly on basecoats so I could get a decent idea of what's what.


Her top is HD Dragon Blue. The leathers are about 3:2 Blackened Brown and Big Top Red. The sand is HD Ivory something (the label on the bottle is too faded to make out).


I need to make a decision about her leggings and boots. Originally I was just going to make them both the reddish oxblood color, but now I think that's going to be a little strange. I like the oxblood for the leathers, so I want to keep it for her boots (it matches her gloved hand, belt and sword hilt)...so, I could go blue to match her top, black to stay neutral, deal with the pants and boots matching in oxblood, or something else entirely. Not sure which way to go.

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Thanks, @Glitterwolf! I remember seeing that when you originally posted it, that water is awesome!


Seeing the blue pants you have her in, I kinda like the brightness. So I had a thought: When Nissiana dresses as a pirate, she has a pair of striped pants she wears with high boots, so maybe I could do that... Something like this:


But with blue stripes. Not sure if blue-and-white or blue-and-black stripes (or blue-and-oxblood?) is better, either way I'd use the same stripes on her sleeves to pull the pattern up on the mini. Not sure if I'll actually like it, but stripes aren't too tough, so I can rough them in, then paint over them if it ends up being awful.

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Ok. Did some stripes. Not sure how I feel, but I'm experimenting a bit, so there it is. If anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.


I put blue stripes over the existing oxblood of her leggings. I really like the look of this, but I'm still thinking the oxblood of the pants is a problem, so close to the same color on the boots.



I did blue-and-white on the back of one cushion. I also really like this, and it would pull the white from her top down into her leggings.



And finally, I did white-on-oxblood on the monkey's vest. I don't mind this, but it's my least favorite of the three.


Ultimately, I think I'm leaning toward the blue-and-white for her leggings, and I'll probably go with the blue-and-oxblood on the monkey. But if anyone thinks something different, I'd like opinions!


So there's a bit more context: the metal on her boots will be a gold of some kind, and I think I'm going to try NMM. The leather off her sword scabbard is also oxblood. I think black will be a bit harsh on her, so I'm thinking I'll leave it only on the cushions (the faces of which will have the flags ascribed to Calico Jack Rackham and Henry Avery).

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10 hours ago, robinh said:

you could stay with the oxblood and blue stripes but bring the oxblood more to the red by glazing over with some brighter reds.  This would separate it from the boots.


1 hour ago, Glitterwolf said:

Looking good.


I have a feeling you could make it even better by painting a thinner brighter stripe into that oxblood.


Or divide the stripes with smaller white stripes.


Hmm. I actually like both of these...I may go in with red to clean up the edges of the blue stripes, then put white stripes inside the oxblood. I'll play with it at lunch! Thanks, guys!

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Ok, so stripes are not hard, but they are slow going! I spent about 45 minutes painting today, and almost all of it was stripes. 

First, I used a slightly more red oxblood mix to clean up the edges of yesterday's blue stripes. Then, I went back in with the blue to clean up some opacity issues (paint thin enough to flow smoothly for stripes and other freehand is often transparent...), and finally I added the white stripes. This created broad blue and white stripes interspersed with oxblood pinstripes...I think these are quite handsome pants!



Certainly, there's still some cleanup to do, and shading and highlighting will be interesting, but I'm quite happy with this start.

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Spent some time on skin today. I wasn't totally happy with the skin I painted ten years ago, so I started putting new paint down.


Started off dropping some shadows in with the same blue of her top and pants.


Then I mixed up a combination of Rosy Skin and Golden Shadow and glazed that in over the blue, and a bit of Rosy Skin to pull up the midtone.


Still a good bit of smoothing to go, but it's a start!

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