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Magnetic dungeon STL 3D Files 28mm


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STL files for 3D printing a modular dungeon system for RPG games.
Create your own versatile dungeon for 28 to 32 mm miniatures.
The wall sections have slots for D3x3 mini magnets so they stay firmly on any metal surface. Doors and chests do not have slots for magnets but magnetic tape works fine.

Prices in Swedish but 10 Swedish is basically one EUR an I use this rate in the text. Actual rates may vary.

I started designing these for when playing role-playing games. I wanted something to represent walls but did not want to print a large base or floor. Floor means more to print and you need many different types to make different size rooms. More to print and hard to find all pieces when gaming.

So how to make walls stand by themselves? Well I had mini magnets for my minnies and decided to use them in the walls. For a base you can use a metal sheet that you paint/glue paper on or maybe a magnetic whiteboard? Then you can attach printed paper for different floors or use as is and do notes.

There will be STL files for, straight walls, corners, bends, doors, a stair and chests. See the pictures for what is included in the different pledge levels.

Walls have a height of 40 mm and a depth of 10 mm. Lengths vary from 30 mm to 120 mm. Doors are 30 mm wide and 45 mm high.

The minnis shown in the pictures are from various games and are only there for scale reference. Other 3D print models are from thingsverse.

I only will provide the STL files for download. Other components you have to source yourself.

Print quality depends on your printer. Samples in pictures printed using my da Vinci miniMaker from XYZ.

Base set 15 Euro

What you need to get started building your own dungeons.


Straight walls: 30, 60, 90, 100, 120 mm

Corners: 60x60, 100x100 mm

90 ºBends: R60, R100 (outside Radius in mm)

Doors: Standard door, Standard door with barred opening and torch.

Chests: Round lid

Complete set 25 Euro


Base set + all extras

Straight walls: 30, 60, 90, 100, 120, 140 mm

Corners: 30x30, 30x60, 30x90, 60x30, 60x60, 60x90, 90x30, 90x60, 90x90, 90x120, 100x100, 120x90, 120x120, 140x140

90 ºBends: R30, R60, R90, R100, R120, R130, R140 (outside Radius in mm)

Doors: Standard door, Standard door with barred opening and torch, Barred prison door, Opened door.

Chests: Round lid, Flat lid

Circular stair D98 (called D100 since fits inside the outside R60 bends)

360 ºbend D120 with opening for door.

90 ºbend R60 with integrated door.

Bridge set 10 Euro


A model bridge for 28 mm war-gaming. Built as assembly kits for landing and middle sections.

Concept pics




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