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2018 Spring Miniature Exchange


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4 hours ago, JGroeling said:

@Kangaroorex just got back and was able to pick up Bill from my post office. The backstory was great, and then when I got to the bottom of the box I instantly started laughing like a mad scientist who's evil plans have come to fruition. Thank you so much. Will get shots of him this week to share.

Glad he made it safe and sound!  Also glad you like him.  I have his metal brother on my shelf (now with removable weapons pack too).  Unfortunately, mine is expressing himself in a NSFW gesture so he is not photogenic. 


I hope he will eventually torture many groups of fortune seekers.

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1 hour ago, Sanael said:

@magicalgenie, I received your box! Really fantastic colors on this guy, absolutely lovely! He will see use in my hand quite soon, I'm sure... And likely with the backstory you provided. Great fun.


In other news, I left a package in the tender care of the USPS today. Hopefully it will arrive on Friday.

Excellent! So glad you liked him. Was really hoping to have his pal painted too, but time got away from me.  Hope you get a chance to do something with that one in the future.  

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I will be sending my exchange on Monday, just waiting for the weather to change tomorrow so I can finish sealing.  I apologize again to my exchange partner for the delays.


Speaking of which, with a ton of help from @robinh we now have a ramp for my wife's father:


(Cameo by Tommy)

Railings will be built after I get back from the Montreal GP, but I feel better leaving with this much in place.

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Let me try and do justice to what was awaiting me on my porch when I got home tonight.


A mysteriously large package from Barlow, KY.....hmmmm


He was given some pretty vague directions -

" I would love a unique base; Mini will be for display not gaming."

 "a small vignette; Something glowing;"

"Beware of Dog!";

"Life and death are illusions. We are in a constant state of transformation."


In the package was this delightful guy:





With a super cool OSL effect.


Did I mention he was on this killer base???








Well played, @cerebro1974

Pity for all of us that you may sit out the next one.  I hope for your future partners, that you reconsider.


Awesome, awesome work.  Thank you so much...I've got the perfect spot on my display shelf for it.

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I have sat out for the last few of these, but would like to jump back in for the next one. Due to not being actively involved in a current exchange, I am not great about checking this section of the board.


Can someone PM me when the next sign up starts? Thanks!

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Received these beautiful minis from @Leopardpixie  I love Star Wars and she made a fantastic Jedi master. A couple of my favorite quotes I include for inspiration are "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and "Something wicked this way comes". While the display could definitely fit either quote, I think it is "Something wicked this way comes" brought to life in mini form.


Thank you so much for the gorgeous minis!




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