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Needing a bit of a break from painting West Wind's massive Tiger Mecha (and hoping to work on all the camo for all the German vehicles at once) I've decided to work on the 3 German Panzer Mechs from West Wind's Kickstarter.



Here we have, from left to right, the Stug Mech, the Logi Flamm Jotun, and the standard Jotun.

As you can see, these are still some pretty big chunks of resin.  The castings on these new Panzer Mechs are super clean, crisp and smooth.  Quite lovely.


So after way too much base coating with the Tiger, I've found all the bits for the air brush and started practicing to get the mix and pressures ok for at least base coating.

I have some old VOID resin scatter terrain that I'd primed the last time I started playing with the air brush (I've got a couple more pieces with a base coat in blue somewhere).

Grabbed the green from the late german paint set from Scale 75 (it has a very similar consistency to the dark yellow I'll be using for base coating), messed with the thickness a bunch and eventually got a base coat down.


To me it seems to have come out ok.  Thoughts?


Tomorrow I'll hopefully get some prep done on one of the Mechs.


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Oh yes, I'm planning to vary things, I'd just like to get them similar in terms of the washes, weathering, etc.  And it should make it easier to have everything I need for all of that out at once.


I didn't end up having much time today, between getting a Doctor's appointment so he could look at my reoccurring inflamed wrist (luckily on my off hand), trying to tear my snowblower apart to fix or replace the impeller, and then dealing with the window breaking in the garage door while I was doing that.  Sigh. I suspect tomorrow may be busy as well, as the door needs a permanent solution.


Still, I managed to get some prep done on the Jotun.  It is ready to get washed and then I need to decide how much to assemble before painting.

Had to give it a bit of a test fit.




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Had a few minutes after priming some skelebots, so took a look at cleaning up ad test fitting the Jotun Logi Flamm.




Overall the resin was pretty clean.  It came with most of the flash and mold lines already cleaned up.  There are a couple of bubbles on the back of the machine gun arm,  and that mark on the back...fuel tank, I guess?

I'll likely pin the hose for the flamethrower to make sure that is a solid connection.  The arms are nice ball and socket so lots of options there.

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After finishing painting this morning I cleaned and test fit the Stug Mech.




Really like this one!

A couple bubbles on the arms that will need filling but otherwise nice and clean casts.


So up next for these 3 is to give everything a good wash, fill a few bubbles, and decide what can be glued now and what needs to stay apart for painting.

Then priming.


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Only had a few minutes before I head to do boring real life things, but got the Jotun closer to assembled.



I found  Sir Forscale so threw him in there just to give an idea just how large this "handheld" gun is.

Just need to decide on the light clusters (and how to support the gun for painting, wire in the left wrist socket most likely) and he's ready for priming.


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Its a beautiful day today, and my schedule is wide open, so of course I don't feel like painting. :blink:

Can't seem to stay focused on any one things, but I've at least done a bit of assembly.


Jotun is ready for priming.



The Flamm has its exhausts glued on and I've started pinning the fuel line to the back of the flamethrower.  Just letting that set up then line up and glue it to the gun.

I'm going to leave both arms off for now as the block a lot of the body for painting.


Might try to figure out what I want to assemble on the Stug then too.



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And a start on the Stug.


Trying to hold 4 pieces together to glue is a bit of pain, I blue tacked 3 and just glued the one but it still seemed like an very long time to hold everything still...

"Should" go easier with the next leg.  Haven't decided if I want to glue the feet one now or leave it separate to make painting a bit easier.


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So, the Stug hates me.

It just refuses to glue up.  For some reason the hip and ankle joints refuse to set up properly.

Though I might not have used enough glue to get good contact.  Nope.

Thought it might be the surface was too smooth, so I roughed them up.  Nope.

So, trying a different bottle of glue (even though the other bottle worked for everything else, including the Stug's guns).


Gluing all 4 joints at once to minimize putting stress on them to get everything lined up.  Using blutac to minimize any shakes or jiggles from me holding it.

This doesn't work I may need to pin them or use apoxy (both of which I was trying to avoid for this nice big, lots of surface area joints).



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    • By Mckenna35
      28mm scale "Stug" mech I painted for a friend.  I know he got it out of a Kickstarter, but otherwise no idea who makes it.  He'll be finishing the base to match the rest of his army.  Tried some different paints and techniques and pushed the 'weathering' further than I have before.  All in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      Yet another German war machine (in case you were wondering, yes I also have Russian, British, US and Japanese stuff, I'm just doing all the German at once so I can paint them all at once).
      This unusual creation came out of the recent Panzermech Kickstarter by West Wind.  A giant War Wheel.

      Should be a pretty quick and easy assembly to get it ready for priming.  All I've done so far is washed the resin.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      As mentioned elsewhere, I'm running some Savage Rifts, so I'm in need of a bunch of Big Stompy Robots. Now while I don't have any Rifts specific ones (mostly because as far as I know they have never been made), I do like me some Big Stompy Robots.  As we're playing using 28 mm figs, that ruled out CAV, Robotech, etc.  But, as luck would have it, do have some others. So the first one I'm building is West Wind's SOR-G03, the Tiger Mecha.  I recently received this as an add-on from their Panzermech Kickstarter.  When I ordered it I didn't really realize quite how big it actually is.  This thing is massive!!

      This is where I'm at so far.  Just glued the lower torso to the base.  There will be some gap filling to do around the feet, but that's not bad, its just dirt and rubble so should be easy to add to.
      The turret is all prepped and I've been prepping the many metal pieces (the ones on the paper are ready, the stuff on the mat is for the next session).
      I haven't done much resin (not to say I don't own lots, just none of it is done ).  I'm tempted to magnetize the center pivot, so the turret could rotate.  A couple issues with that though: 1) I need to find my magnets, 2) I got my magnets for Robotech (6mm scale) so I'm not sure I have anything big enough, 3) I've never done magnets with resin, 4) I've never done magnets with that much surface contact, so don't know what wear on the paint would be like.
      Paint scheme will be using the late war German paint colours from Scale 75, as I got those most of a year ago for the panzer I was going to do during the actual Panzermech kickstarter (and which is still sitting on top of my desk in a baggy).
      Secrets of the Third Reich takes place in 49 (with the war having not ended) so that seems appropriate.
      I'm not planning on using an airbrush (since I still haven't learned to use mine...sigh, or even have it set up currently). So we will see how it goes.  At least it is smaller than Khanjira.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      I'm going to be running Savage Rifts some in the new year (at least until everyone gets tired of either 1) dying, or 2) being indestructible, or 3) wants to go play some 5e.
      For those that don't know, Rifts is Palladium Games "everything and the kitchen sink" game setting; magic, psionics, sci-fi, monsters, giant robots, dragons, aliens... you name it.  Its actually the game I started out my RPG journey on, many, many years ago.  So when Pinnacle decided to Kickstarter a Savage Worlds version of Rifts, I had to pledge.
      Since we had an open time (one game ended, our other one is on break due to renovations) I figured we could try it out.
      Palladium has some older Rifts minis, and I got some of them ages ago. I'm planning to paint up some of those as needed.  I'm very reluctant to buy any new ones from them (until I get phase 2 Robotech figs, or the world ends in some apocalypse, whichever comes first (I'm guessing the apocalypse)) so I'm also looking for other alternatives (also, the Rifts minis are pretty dated, small compared to the current scale, and even then the scale seems to fluctuate between figs). Suggestions are welcome.
      Some of what I'll be assembling/painting are proxies.  I've seen nothing in 28mm that looks much like a UAR-1 Enforcer, but I have a nice big stompy Weird War 2 mecha from West Wind that will be at least (scale) 20 ft tall. I've got a couple of old VOID mechs that should get some paint on them.
      And starting out I've got some Reaper Cyber-Reavers I ordered aas part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion.  These will be painted up as Coalition Skelebots.

      Just cleaning them up an removing mold lines so far.  Haven't decided yet if I'm just going to put them on the slottas with a little putty or find some resin bases.  They are just mooks so keeping it simple would make sense, but they are also easily posed so could take advantage of some interesting bases. Bases I'd need to find, in boxes......hmmmm.
    • By Jasper_the_2nd
      West Wind is currently running a KS for some Weird WWII mechs, which means I'm currently obsessing a bit about WWII mechs...but I don't currently own any.
      But I do have one of their tanks from their Berlin or Bust WWII line, the PzKpfw IV H with side plates. (For those not in the know on WWII German tanks, a group I include myself in, but did some googling, that's really it's name, short for Panzerkampfwagen). Not really sure why I picked up this one, other than I wanted a tank of some sort.......a year or 2 ago....

      Let's see what's in the package.

      Ok, a lot of pieces.  I recognize a gun....and tracks, and a turret.  And what are apparently side plates....and a commander...well, half a commander....
      After looking at a few pictures it seems all the straight bits and angled bits are bracing for the side plates.  
      Some of those other bits, might take some searching to identify.
      So, having never done a tank, or anything approaching an accurate historic military anything, I'm hoping for some suggestions on how to proceed, what some of the bits are, colour schemes, etc.
      And while I do have an air brush, it is currently not set up (as my new painting room isn't set up for it yet) and I'm not really comfortable using it yet anyway......
      So, painting it could be interesting.
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