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Bunny girls


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So, I believe he had an Indiegogo that has not delivered yet and is past due. So caution on this may be advised.


Edit: I don't think this is being run by Brother Vinnie, so disregard the above. The Indiegogo was for his own project.

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which one would that be?

The Sons of Anubis was delivered a month ago. 

Legend of Cleopatra dropped into mailboxes all over the world 5 months ago.

Temple of Set was also delivered a long time ago.


Mike doesn't post concept art and hope to get it ready to deliver on time. If he doean't have masters, he doesn't show or promise them at all. 


44 minutes ago, paintybeard said:

Why is the charming young lady in the kickstarter header making Vulcan gestures?


Isn't that gesture usually done by holding up a hand with a split between the Middle and Ring finger?


It's actually paid placement for Citroën cars... They just kept using the sign after Citroën pulled out of the USA market back in the 70s because it was too ingrained to stop using it by then...   Or not... 



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So looking at these. What uses do you think you can come up with?


* Cut off the bunny ears, paint the legs with cloth, and they could be underworld type deathdealer vampires.

* With the ears they could be the rabbit people from Final Fantasy.


What else?

2 minutes ago, Gadgetman! said:

which one would that be?



Yeah, no. I was referring to Brother Vinnie, not Dark Fable. Brother Vinnie has an adult themed nun kickstarter... Dark Fable though looks to have a good record.

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16 minutes ago, Pingo said:

Those are “adventurers”?  :huh:


You mean your adventuring party doesn't start at the Playboy Mansion? 


The figures are cute, but I gotta agree with Pingo - they don't scream adventurer to me. Pin-up, sure. Might be fun to paint. 

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If I played modern Zombicide, I could turn one of the armed girls into a player character. Several of the Zcide PCs are dressed a though they've never changed clothes since the zombie apocalypse began, so a college girl from a costume party, or a waitress.


I suppose I could turn one or two into bunny zombies, for that matter.


But I play Black Plague, so not really useful for me.

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