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Need help IDing old metal mini, says "GM 82" on the base


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I've got a load of old Ral Partha/Grenadier/etc metal miniatures, and I've had decent luck figuring out what most of them are, except for this guy. I have no idea what he is, and I can't find him in any old catalogues. Anyone recognize him? Any idea if I should try posting this on the Sci-Fi forum side as well? I could see him as either a demon of some kind or an alien. 


He's one of my favorites just because of how out there he is lol. 

thing 1.jpg

thing 2.jpg

thing 3.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Sanael said:

Is it a skeletal baby seal?


In all honesty, I don't know what it is. "GM82" makes me suspect Grenadier Miniatures, made in 1982, but I have no idea if that's true.

If skeletal baby seals look horrifying and have horns (maybe??) it could be!


And I dug through Grenadier catalogues from like 82-87, but didn't see this guy in any of them. Did find another couple of my minis though, so it was somewhat helpful. 

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1 hour ago, marmalade said:

Got a bit of a lead! This webpage here says that he was a bonus figure that came in a Grenadier "Fantasy Fiends" box set, so maybe he doesn't even have a specific name/purpose? 

I have vague memories of there being a 'special' version of that set for the Sear's holiday catalog - during that brief eye blink when Sear's had a few miniatures in their catalog. (Just Grenadier - which was also the 'official' AD&D miniatures company at that time.)


The Auld Grump

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