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77276 Sea Hag and Skeletons from Stocking Assortment

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She was the most difficult mini I've come across in quite a while. The mold lines put up a stiffer fight than usual, and figuring out certain details was more difficult than I expected. (It wasn't until putting on the final touches that I realized the thing on her arm was a crab!)


I also made a point of trying different color mixes than usual. Her skin was a combo of Vampire Skin and Linen White with an over generous wash of Copper Verdigris that doesn't seem to be showing as much in the pictures. Her hair is a mix of various blendings of Dragon Blue and Christmas Wreath. Her squid friend is Icy Violet with a dab of Linen White. Her shroud is a mix of Rainy Gray/Linen White with a wash of Viper Green and highlight of Viper Green/Linen White. 


Her belt is a combo of Leather Brown and Rainy Grey, with the leaves (?) Holly Berry/ Hearth Fire. The crab is a combo of Highlight Orange, Brown Wash and Hearth Fire. The base is Buckskin Pale and Brown Wash.

I'm rather happy with how she came out, having been nervous about a pale skin tone next to pale clothing. Her skeletal friends from the stocking assortment were much easier to deal with and have joined the ranks of the Pumpkin Guard.




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