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February 2018 Goals!

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I've got tons of goals for this month. What do you have planned?


For me I have to finish these by the 23rd:

  • Amiri, Iconic Barbarian
  • Tiik Champion
  • Battleguard Golem
  • Nolzur's Griffon


This shouldn't be a big issue as I've already started on the griffon and the other ones are prepped and ready to go. On top of these I /still/ want to pick up the fire giants and then I'm going to start Cthulhu.

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So for the month of February in keeping with my 2018 goals I plan to:

  • Paint two lunatics in straight jackets for my Dark Conspiracy game
  • Paint a 77511: Xiloxoch, Naga for Ghost Arch
  • Paint an apprentice wizard for Frostgrave
  • Paint a Hasslefree civilian figure
  • Paint a Heroquest character figure
  • Paint a Mithril miniature for February



My 2018 hobby goals include:

  • Running a Dark Conspiracy RPG for my gaming group
  • Running a Frostgrave/Ghost Arch game at Reapercon in October
  • Painting the 10 miniatures from the hasslefree kickstarter
  • Painting the 6 miniatures from the Going Native kickstarter
  • Painting the 5 miniatures from the Bear's Head kickstarter
  • Continue painting the Monthly Mithril Miniatures (On track with two)
  • Reduce and limit the WIP box (formerly the shelf o' shame) to 6 figures. It currently sits at 12


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Continuing from last month 

12 pathfinder goblins

5 Battlemaster wolf riders. Close to finishing these already.

2 roughly 18" rocky ridges.


If/when I finish the goblins I might switch to GW high elves for a bit. To finish them off (not a goal for this month) I have

15 white lions

10 swordsmen

5 reaver knights

touch up 10 phoenix guard

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Carried over from January:


Short term (February) goals:

  • finish my Ork Lootaz (aprox 12 models) - Done!
  • finish my Ruined Temple terrain project - Still WIP
  • finish the poor Bonesylvanians - yeah... 1 done.
  • base two of the 'weeping angels' bones models (already painted)
  • Paint a squad of Grots for "Squadary" (Squad in February) - Done!


Long term goals:

  • finish my ork army 
    • Battlewagon: basecoated
    • Mek Gunz: purchased
    • Flash GItz: not yet purchased
    • Grots: done
    • Nobz: not yet
  • finish at least 52 monster models for our RPGs (big ol X on this atm :()
  • paint Mythic Battles: Pantheon models (still in box ><)
  • start my Ratticus Mechanicus army (this would be GWs Skitarrii models with Skaven heads and other conversions, I don't think it'll be finished in 2018)
  • Start construction of a Forge World (terrain for 40k based on Mechanicum Forge World)
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Carried over from January's thread...

  • Set up a dedicated miniatures workspace.  I originally said Q1, and odds are beginning of March this will be resolved.  Still debating between desk in bedroom, additional desk in living room, or some sort of add-on to current desk (probably the last one, and then add in one of the "wide" Alex drawer units for storage of various things)
  • Pick up some CAV miniatures.  This was a "sometime in 2018" goal, and is still sitting there.

For February!

  • Clean up a squad of Catachan Jungle fighters as they're rather dust covered, and figure out some sort of paint scheme for them that works for the jungle/urban stuff I've been thinking about for a decade.  Bonus points if all ten are painted through February!
  • Clean up a squad (10 units) of my Tau Pathfinders, and work on figuring out some sort of paint scheme for them.  Bonus points if these ten are painted.
  • Continue, and finish, the Layers Learn to Paint Kit.
  • Pick up some green stuff and a few sculpting tools.  For... SCIENCE!  Yes, we'll go with that.
  • Start my rainbow dragon!
  • Start on one of the minis I picked up in January - I suspect a gnoll, a minotaur, or a werewolf will be involved (added late Feb 3)
  • Get an inventory spreadsheet started up so I know what I have, and their current state (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Paint every day, even if it's "just" half an hour. (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Narrow down items on wish lists at various places in preparation for tax return order.  This goes for minis, as well as sculpting tools. (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Assemble some of my pewter Skaven from the 25th anniversary box (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Organize bits boxes (added late Feb 3rd) 


For Q1!

  • Acquire additional paints that both hubby and I want (seriously contemplating the Reaper 54pc BYOPS consisting of Bones and HD paints, as well as some from Secret Weapon)
  • Improved stuff at miniatures desk (better light(s), places to put things, that sort of deal)
  • Basing supplies from Green Stuff World, Happy Seuppuku, and Secret Weapon

Probably going to write more in over the next few days ^_^

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Added more items to list
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My February Goals...


--Finish painting my Warforged Bard's Mini.(Soundwave Piece from Transformers Monopaly)

--Get Address to send Max's Mini-Minions to their new Home.

--Put paint on several WizKids Nolzurs D&D Minis.

--Make signifigant progress on one of the classic Video Games I've never beaten for some reason.


My 2018 Goals...


--Paint at least 50 sessions this year, averaging 1 per week.(4/5 weeks so far)

--Finish at least 3 Video Games I have not beaten yet.(Beaten Final Fantasy 3 and Dragon Quest 6. Next up either Final Fantasy 8 or Tactics Ogre.)

--Prepare for my new D&D Campaign.(Thinking about doing an Eberron game or a Dark Sun game.)

--Finish up my current EPIC level D&D Campaign.( The Swinedimples School Campaign has been fun, but it will soon be time to try something else. Also, one of my players is moving away in a few months, so having a game I can prepare large chunks of ahead of time will help. Once I have to run a bunch over a long weekend when we can get together, yeah, I'll need to be able to set stuff up in mass.)



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Hmmm... not sure.  The flat I tried last month didn't really grab my interest so it is now on the shelf of shame.  I cleaned a 75mm figure and plan to assemble it, but I'm not sure if I really want to paint an effort piece right now.  If not I have some Bones prepped that I could quick paint at any time.


My main painting issue though is that my "get in better shape" kick that I started last year has continued into this year and I haven't hit on a good way to combine the two activities.



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8 hours ago, Auberon said:


My main painting issue though is that my "get in better shape" kick that I started last year has continued into this year and I haven't hit on a good way to combine the two activities.


There isn’t much miniatures-related that I could imagine doing at a treadmill desk, so you’re probably right.  I have found, though, that being in better shape has generally improved my interest and engagement with my other activities.  And I think about gaming projects during bike rides...


For myself, January was a slow month, so my goal is to work on any of three ongoing projects and try not to be distracted by anything unrelated. (1/72 fantasy campaign, vintage science fiction, and vintage Minifigs Tolkien...)

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Well I still have 9 Mouslings and 6 Dwarf Thunderers left from last month and a partially done Stone the Undead Gunslinger on the table. So the obvious goal is to get those done first. All of these are at least halfway done, so I just need to keep from getting distracted.

After those will be

Hagar Dwarven Hero 

Prairie Tick Queen 

Helstromme  (all of whom are prepped and primed)

GW Dwarf Grudge Pony

GW Dwarf Slayers (one normal, one tied and bound)

GW Dwarves with hand weapons (12) I figure these may take awhile, so they might be done in batches of 3 or 4.



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