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February 2018 Goals!

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Stated goals.

On 2/2/2018 at 10:19 PM, Zink said:

Continuing from last month 

12 pathfinder goblins

5 Battlemaster wolf riders. Close to finishing these already.

2 roughly 18" rocky ridges.


If/when I finish the goblins I might switch to GW high elves for a bit. 



Finished the wolfriders and 7 of the pathfinder goblins. Some paint on the remaining 5 with a slight chance I may do more on them tonight. Didn't even try to start the ridges. Moved the elves from a storage position to the ready position beside my painting table. Instead I finished painting a few Bones minis and a Dungeon Saga undead dwarf. 3 female spellcasters, a monk and a pirate in Bones done as skin tone and blending practice. Still need to post some pics of the monk and pirate. So not quite what I had planned but a respectable turn out.

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On 2/3/2018 at 7:47 PM, WhiteWulfe said:

Carried over from January's thread...

  • Set up a dedicated miniatures workspace.  I originally said Q1, and odds are beginning of March this will be resolved.  Still debating between desk in bedroom, additional desk in living room, or some sort of add-on to current desk (probably the last one, and then add in one of the "wide" Alex drawer units for storage of various things)
  • Pick up some CAV miniatures.  This was a "sometime in 2018" goal, and is still sitting there.

For February!

  • Clean up a squad of Catachan Jungle fighters as they're rather dust covered, and figure out some sort of paint scheme for them that works for the jungle/urban stuff I've been thinking about for a decade.  Bonus points if all ten are painted through February!
  • Clean up a squad (10 units) of my Tau Pathfinders, and work on figuring out some sort of paint scheme for them.  Bonus points if these ten are painted.
  • Continue, and finish, the Layers Learn to Paint Kit.
  • Pick up some green stuff and a few sculpting tools.  For... SCIENCE!  Yes, we'll go with that.
  • Start my rainbow dragon!
  • Start on one of the minis I picked up in January - I suspect a gnoll, a minotaur, or a werewolf will be involved (added late Feb 3)
  • Get an inventory spreadsheet started up so I know what I have, and their current state (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Paint every day, even if it's "just" half an hour. (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Narrow down items on wish lists at various places in preparation for tax return order.  This goes for minis, as well as sculpting tools. (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Assemble some of my pewter Skaven from the 25th anniversary box (added late Feb 3rd)
  • Organize bits boxes (added late Feb 3rd) 


For Q1!

  • Acquire additional paints that both hubby and I want (seriously contemplating the Reaper 54pc BYOPS consisting of Bones and HD paints, as well as some from Secret Weapon)
  • Improved stuff at miniatures desk (better light(s), places to put things, that sort of deal)
  • Basing supplies from Green Stuff World, Happy Seuppuku, and Secret Weapon

Probably going to write more in over the next few days ^_^



Well, how did I do.....

  • Set up a dedicated miniatures space.  It's half complete.  I have to redo the puzzle floor pieces, and pick up another rolly chair mat, but then it'll technically be done.  I say technically, because CanadaPost won't deliver my paint pot storage in Feb!  Grrrr, silly CanadaPost.
  • CAV minis, and Catachans didn't happen.  Tau sort of did.  Tau are starting to get some colour, and I have a few ideas sorted out for them to try out over the next... while.
  • LTPK's ....  Still have that one last miniature.
  • Green stuff and sculpting tools have indeed happened.  Six rollers (five textures), nine stamps, a tube of green stuff, and I'm ordering in some milliput, ProCreate, and Apoxie Sculpt in the fairly near future.
  • Rainbow dragon has been started, if we mean assembled, gaps filled with green stuff, two layer primer, and about half of the dragon receiving it's initial coat of his primary colour.... ^_^;;;
  • Start one of the January minis.  Sure, I'll call it started, since three of them have been cleaned up and primered...
  • Spreadsheet so didn't happen, but it's still on my "I really should do that" list
  • More or less daily painting was going well until two things: 1) hubby and I went out every night, making it hard to paint, and 2) I spilt a FULL water cup across my desk, and partially friend my gaming mouse...  Been slightly leery about painting ever since, for some reason >.>;;;;
  • Wish list was... Sure, we'll call it shrunk down somewhat.
  • Pewter skaven didn't happen simply due to waiting on bases that are somewhere in eastern Canada.  Hard to do fancy bases with green stuff and rollers and whatnot when they aren't at your place.
  • Paints have indeed been acquired.  A good portion are on my desk, with a few more in the mail - once CanadaPost decides to send them to me *shakes fist at CanadaPost*  They've been sitting on a shelf in Ontario for over three days now!!
  • Lights for miniatures desk are now a Q1-Q2 goal, as I have to get everything else sorted out first.
  • Basing supplies have indeed happened, although I'd love to get a proper Secret Weapon order in, but no funds atm.
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14 hours ago, Auberon said:

The positive side of my hobby deferment is that I'm down 10lbs so far, so if I keep that up for the year.... actually that would be 60lbs and losing that much would be problematic.  Better stop by Labor Day.


Congratulation Auberon keep it up you'll feel better for it in the long run

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On 2/26/2018 at 10:11 PM, Darkmeer said:


Final touch ups were just COMPLETED.  Sealing in the morning and delivering in the afternoon either before or after my Job Fair. Yay!  And now onto completing other silly projects (big C'thulu!)


The video posted on Facebook today, and I have a 5% chance of winning, as there were 20 Beholders painted for the contest!  Holy Carp!  The good news is that I had a clear painting technique that was unique to me!  Yay me!  and I did some relatively successful OSL and some other things, which made me happy for the model.  I am not going to complain. 

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