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WiP DarkSword LE Sorceress 'Elsa' for RP bonus Frostbite

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Ah, yes...serious critiques are welcome. This is a learning piece for me, so.... I'd like to ... well, learn from it. ;)


The concept is a sorceress who has used a lot of cold magic and is feeling the heat draining effects. Her dress is to be somewhat see through, which should make her look really cold... thin fabric in winter. Did I mention it was a balmy 6 degrees here this morning? yeah, I'm chanelling. 

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I'm not an expert on flesh tones, but it's looking good so far!  Have you taken a look at Corporea's latest work in progress?  It's green skin not blue, but she does teach a great class on flesh and faces at ReaperCon and some of those techniques are explained here:



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2 hours ago, Geoff Davis said:

I love the blue. What colours did you use for it?

The dress is primarily Surf Aqua. It's mixed with Vampiric Shadow in the 'fleshy' spots.

Skin is Vampiric shadow, with variations and mixes with

Violet Shadow

Sunset Purple

Vallejo Azure

Rosy Skin

and Leather white

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Very Nice.  I've been working on the same mini but in a much warmer skin tone.  I really like the ocean colour triad and have used it on a few minis for skin.  I think it may be a bit too cool for what I'm doing with this figure though.  I will probably go with an autumn brown-orange dress.  Pretty much the opposite of what you are doing actually.  Thanks for the info.  I love what you've done with her so far.

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Ok. I seriously lapsed in updating this. But she is finally done. She transformed from a bratty fig insisting on derailing my other projects into my ReaperCon Entry. I'll be posting final images once reapercon starts. But a sneak peak closeupof her base...


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