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RIP William O'Connor

Lidless Eye

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    • By Chris Palmer
      Died yesterday at age 80.
      Another bit of my childhood gone.  May she rest in peace. 
    • By Chris Palmer
      2016 has claimed another part of my youth...
    • By Dr.Bedlam
      Aaron Allston, game designer and writer and fairly prolific author, died Thursday at the age of 53.

      He was getting off the plane to attend Visioncon, and collapsed, and later pronounced dead; it looks like massive heart failure. He'd had one heart attack in 2009 already.

      Aaron was well known for a variety of works. He helped design the Mystara setting for Dungeons and Dragons, and did work for TSR back in the day; he was influential in the development of the game from "original boxed set" to "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" and into second edition. He also worked for Steve Jackson Games, working on their publications "The Space Gamer" and "Pyramid," as well as doing some work for the GURPS roleplaying game and "Car Wars." More than one game designer has remarked that if you needed background fluff to support your game, Aaron was your go to guy -- talented, prolific, and FAST.

      Aaron was also a prolific and talented author, well known for "Galatea in 2D" and "Doc Sidhe," among many others. He was perhaps best known for writing many licensed Star Wars novels, including something like half of the "X-Wing" novels.

      Aaron lived in Round Rock, Texas, and was active in the Austin convention and gaming scene. And I'm gonna miss him. 
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