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Hello all,


Starting a new WIP for a mini I'm working on for one of the players in my D&D 5e campaign.


One of her characters is a Tiefling Eldritch Knight, so I have selected the glaive-weilding S'Kara to be the starting point for this project...






As you can see, I have just begun. I have primed the mini, and used a pair of pliers to slightly curve her horns, to achieve a more ram-like, less devil-like look.


I'm currently in the process of selecting colours for the cloth portion of her outfit. Any suggestions or ideas? (Fyi, she will have dark brown hair and olive skin).


As always, comments and constructive feedback are always welcome! ::):



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Last Update Tonight


- started my first coat of skin and hair.

- painted most of the metal surfaces (weapons and armour) to get a sense of the details.

- painted the hip flask. I used MSP emerald green (09103) to get a green glass/wine bottle look.






Still lots to do, but I feel like I'm making progress! I'll try to get some more painting done tomorrow before/after work.



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After looking up some layering tutorials on YouTube, I have made an attempt at layering the skirt. 

A big thank you to @paintybeard and @Glitterwolf for convincing me to layer instead of dry brushing! Because of you, I reached out to a new technique and discovered I love it!




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Looks promising so far. It's a bit of a matter of taste with layering, you can keep adding lighter layers almost ad infinitum! Personally I would go a leetle bit further by adding some more orange to the mix. But if you are happy, don't let me talk you into anything you don't feel is good. It's YOUR figure.

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More layering and touch-up for your viewing pleasure...

Also, EYES! 


Thank goodness Tiefling eyes are essentially pools of infinite darkness! Makes them much easier to paint.

To give the eyes an extra-ethereal look, I used MSP Adamantium Black (09124).






We're getting near the end. Might try to blend in some of the layering on the robe. Not sure.

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