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    • By Clearman
      Figure 3 of 3 from World Wide Miniatures Day 2017
      I started this one back in 2016 just before ReaperCon.  When I say started, it was mostly just a base coat.  So I blew the dust off and finished it up.
      Comments and Critiques welcome.


    • By OneBoot
      The following is going to be an EXPERIMENT! Please do try this at home, because I'm not a licensed professional and totally feel no obligation to warn you away from doing awesome things.  
      My goal is to complete these 5 figures, from start to finish, within 48 hours. Whether I will succeed or not remains to be seen. It's more of a "Hey, let's see if I can paint humanoid figures quickly," and I work best with a deadline, artificial or not.
      Here are my 5 victims:
      89009 Merisiel, Iconic Rogue (Tipsy)
      89024 Holy Vindicator (Trunk SlamChest)
      77480 Durok, Dwarf Ranger (Balin)
      77440 Masumi, Demon Hunter (Tsunami)
      77320 Galadanoth, Elf Sniper (Elrohir)
      Group shot:

      That's totally not DDS2 in the background, I don't know what you're talking about. Pay no attention to that at all, totally not relevant. 
      So, I'll make this post my timestamp (12:00 PM PST), and away we go!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By Sylverthorne
      I think I got the majority of the tags.

      Right, so, last Saturday one of my fellow gamers ambushes me with a couple of miniatures and asks if he can throw money at me to paint them. Naturally, I said yes.
      Because I work better with small groups, I am also painting the Holy Vindicator, after some .. um .. appropriate modifications.
      Anyway. I found Baron Blackshield in the Bin o' Shame, and offered him as an alternate, for the original miniature. This was accepted with glee and, I can only assume, much anticipation.

      Mr. Moonwalker is going to get a bit of a Mad-Max-style makeover (.. okay, as best I can manage. I may stage a raid for rust-effect stuff). He will, however, keep his hat.

      His Grace the Baron has had his sword swapped out for a staff (Dragonlance wizards don't get swords). If I'm feeling punchy, I may even make him up a base.

      The unsuspecting Holy Vindicator is going to lose his sword arm and gain a mace hand. This may involve green stuff.
    • By LordJosh
      So, one of the groups I'm in is wrapping up one campaign, and we've begun discussing the characters for the next campaign.  After some hemming and hawing, I decided I wanted to play a Paladin, all traditional, lawful-shiny and all that.  So I went looking for a mini, and came across the Holy Vindicator (#60111), one of the Pathfinder series that Paizo asked Reaper to make.  It's great...except that my Paladin worships Iomedae, not Saranrae (whom the angel on the shield represents).   Luckily, Iomedae's sigil is a sunburst long sword, so I decided to try my hand at manipulating a mini.
      Here's the figure fresh outta the package:

      Here it is after I tried my hand at modifying the angel to a long sword and primed:

      I think I'm going to need to try a bit more putty to even that lumpy mess out, but it's the first time I've ever really tried to mod a figure.
    • By Melkavar
      Hey all, here's what I'm currently working on. I got a shipment of some more Bones in on Friday before I had to leave town, got back last night and have been painting a bit today. I finally got around to getting some green stuff for filling seams, and I'm trying it out on my Jabberwock. I'm also going to try out base coating in a few different colors rather than hitting the whole mini with a coat of plain black first. I painted Feiya plain black everywhere there wasn't exposed skin or hair. I'll be base coating those later, probably in dirty bone since that's about the only off-white color I currently have.

      I also got a ton of work done on a Holy Vindicator. I think I'm about 75% done on him. Really just need to get his face, hair, and base done. Base coat was Reaper pure black. Cloak was done in multiple layers of Reaper pure black mixed with increasing amount of dragon blue. The base color for the plate armor was Vallejo Model Air gungrey mixed with a tiny amount of Vallejo Model Air burnt umber. Plate highlights are straight Vallejo Model Air steel. I used Vallejo Game Color burnished copper for the scalemail/chainmail areas, and the hip and shoulder pieces and the angel pattern on the shield were undercoated in burnished copper as well before I applied Vallejo Game Color polished gold. Leather straps/belts are equal parts Reaper harvest brown and leather brown. I also applied a black wash over the whole figure, then went back and re-applied gold and silver to some areas that it darkened too much (mainly the gold areas and the sword and shield).



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