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Box of Goodwill round 6 picture/chatter thread


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On 3/17/2018 at 5:28 AM, Rob Dean said:



Finally packed up and ready to go to the post office today.  As you can see, overstuffed doesn't begin to describe it.  Be greedy, take a little extra...


Taking 'If it fit, it ships" to a new extreme.

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11 hours ago, kristof65 said:

Did we move too fast for you, Crowley? :lol:

More that it was unexpectedly fast...


Especially as compared to the last round!


10 hours ago, Mad Jack said:

He's a hamster. They have short legs...


I resemble that remark...

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16 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

This box is just bursting at the seams!  I've gone and made my first pull from the box.  Now to figure out what stuff to add.  And determine how much that I have selected I will actually paint rather than "cool, gimme!".

Pics or it didn't happen! :P Also Paint on the Group Paint Mini! Finally, I forgot to put the $5 or so I was going to contribute to the Punt Across the Pond in it! Dang it. Well, Poop.



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7 minutes ago, Generic Fighter said:

Pics or it didn't happen! :P Also Paint on the Group Paint Mini! Finally, I forgot to put the $5 or so I was going to contribute to the Punt Across the Pond in it! Dang it. Well, Poop.



Well no pictures of my choices yet as I havent finalized them yet but...


The group paint has had paint applied.

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32 minutes ago, NecroMancer said:

Squeeeee!  One step closer to me!!


I'm between you and Hungerfan. I will try to get it out as fast as possible to you once I get it... or I could take all the good stuff and wait a very long time to get to you... ::o::poke:





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I had a great time looking through the BoGW. The fact that I found my misplaced Thunderbolt Mountain minis while looking through stuff to add to the Box was like getting a bunch on new minis in and of its self. :) I saw so many minis that I had never seen before in the Box.  I had a hard time getting everything back into the Box when I was done.


Here are pictures of what I got out of the Box.

A painting by Fire Eyes


From left to right:

A bones Egyptian themed mummy; A teeny green plastic princess. I hope my eyes are up to painting her. I'm going to paint her skirt like flower petals;  A chibi wizard who is my very first chibi mini. I just liked him, which is how I select all my minis,  A Dark Sword Greek style female archer; Wolfsbane and Nomad Hero Clix; and a nice pin vice.

Box of Goodwill Art Crop.jpg

Box of Goodwill Minis Crop.jpg

Edited by Flit
ETA: Hope every one has as much fun as I did!
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