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On 7/24/2019 at 5:57 AM, CivilDungeoneer said:

I don't have tons of experience working with 3d prints, but when I dabbled with it a few years ago I found XTC 3D from Smooth-On to be a pretty neat product. It's a clear two-part epoxy, which fills in the low spots and really cuts down on your sanding time:


I've used this - it can work quite well.


Unfortunately, it can also fill in/soften light details if you're not careful.




First two prints are done, assembled and partially painted.


I currently have 1 cab option, 7 rear end options and 6 hatch options which gives over 250 variants. I'm currently working on 1 more cab, and 3 more rear end variants, which will triple that.


Throw in the 5 wheel variants, and there will be several thousand combinations.



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5 hours ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Nice!  I really like the many options approach.

As my gaming table is packed for the foreseeable future, I think I'll be focusing on some vehicles when I get my printer up and running (upgrades are scheduled to begin tonight, so hopefully back up and running by next week) .


That is one thing I've definitely have missed while you been gone!!


Very cool vehicles, Kristof65. I think if I ever get to repairing my printer I think one of the first things I'm gonna print out is a sci-fi vehicle I bought right before I had my glob of death incident.

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Got two more cab variants mostly modelled. Here are some poor renders:


With these three cabs, and the three rear ends I have, there are 9 basic "hull" configurations.  Four wheels, six wheels and eight wheels are all options

I currently have 34 parts modelled for this.  Those 34 parts can currently be combined in 10,800 combinations (if I did my math right). I have three more parts to model, but they won't change that count. Some of the combinations probably aren't practical, and many are just minor variations, so realistically it's probably only a few hundred different models. 

I hope the people on Thingiverse who download it share their makes, because there is no way I'm going to be able to build and photograph more than a handful of them. 

Three of the pieces (including the two shown here) have "sockets" that I'm designing a gun cupola for - but I sized that hole to be compatible with the turrets from my Rottweiler and Tycho tanks, which increases the number of options.

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Ok, I need some help.  I'm putting together my Thingiverse package and build guide. I'm tyring to give all the files descriptive names that make sense, rather than Cab1, Cab2, Cab3, etc. 

Not sure how to name these two variants. Both are two wheel cabs, but with different wheel/door positions

Cab 1




I'm thinking Cab_2W_Front  and Cab 2W_Back - but not sure that won't be confusing itself.   Any suggestions?

This is the fluff text I came up with for it:


The original Raider Planetary Exploration vehicle was released by Danaug Industries in March 2103. The fusion powered electric rover was initially released in a four wheel and six wheel platforms, but by 2109 the modular platform was popular enough on harsh planets such as Mars, Croyden 5, Muemar 3 and Glisten that an 8 wheel variant was released.  By 2119, there were over a dozen major variants of the Raider, and literally thousands of configuration options. The vehicle was manufactured by Danaug and a dozen licensees on 15 planets, and in use on over a hundred planets throughout human space by 2125.


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On 8/6/2019 at 10:48 AM, Jasper_the_2nd said:

Cab1 looks more designed for rough terrain, with those big open wheel arches, if that helps.

That helps a lot, actually.  
I'm going to give each cab a separate model name. 

Utility 2W Cab
Enduro 2W Cab
Enduro 4W Cab


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Got a couple more pieces test printed. 





I still have one more planned piece to model - a crane/boom assembly. I think I want to add an open hatch piece, too. 

Then I have to do some more test prints - I think I have 5 or so pieces that I have to test print to make sure they'll print. 

Unfortunately, I've been side tracked from this project for a bit.  I have to completely reconfigure my home network with a new router (one that supports dual WAN and two ISPs), my wife bought a glass kiln for her business that I have to install in our garage, which means adding outlets, heat barriers and venting and I'm trying to help Markus at Terrain4Print get samples printed, built and painted for the upcoming relaunch of his Ulvheim Kickstarter. 

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