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Children of the Night By Glitterwolf.

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Printed some more stuff.


The tomb almost came loose from the build plate hence a little warp but it can be fixed with a good base.

Vampire came out great.

Dana came out great.


Her hand and dog and another version of Dana didn't print though.

They got ripped from the plate.

So changed settings again and now trying the presupported ones from those.

Let's see what happens next.



More to come:



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Printed Dana's hand with chain, the Dog, Dana in her firing pose and Dr. Corvus the Plaguedoctor.


All presupported files from Great Grimoire, I thought to give them a shot after some failures.

Great supports!


The VampireSlayers/Witchhunters/Demonhunters will have their team together in no time this way.


20211024_193844 (2).jpg

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11 hours ago, Rigel said:

Looking great! I am excited to see more of the steam-chair Witch Hunter.


He is in the painting Queue.

Mini is from signum including his dog.

I used a base from CastNPlay

All printed.


He will be the Grandmaster of the Order of Slayers.

I will give him a nice background story too, already have an idea.

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oopsie, bought more files...


Bestiarum - Calden Keep

Artisan Guild - Bloodhunt Vampires

Last Sword - Ordo Draconius ( Vampire Cavalry) and High Elf Dragon Prince Proxy Cavalry which I will also paint as Vampires.



Schermafbeelding 2022-01-16 175230.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-16 184414.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-16 184503.jpg

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-16 184554.jpg


And also from Last Sword.


These will be part of the Imperial Army / Withchunter Forces.



Schermafbeelding 2022-01-16 184738.jpg

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Finished the Witchunter General from Signum and both versions of the Female Witchhunter from Great Grimoire.












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Jakob and Ernst were drinking a pitcher of Wine at the Castle of the Order.

Things are bad, Ernst said, there are more and more sightings of Undead in the Barony and nobody seems to believe us.

We have always fought monsters, but this time the people are not behind us.

I think Alaric and his wife are to blame for it.


Jakob took another sip from his wine, it's not just in the Barony he said.

I came to you as fast as I could when I heard of your troubles here, but I tell you, it's even worse in the Northern Province, I heard stories of people who fled the Province.

A farmer told me his village was attacked at night by unknown soldiers, he got away but he was too scared to return to see what happened.

When he fled he had seen his village burn in the Night, he only saw the enemy from a distance but he swore they weren't human.

I've heard other similar stories.


A hissing and clanking sound was heard in the hallway, Lucius the Grandmaster approached in his steampowered wheelchair.

We might need to send word to the Emperor himself he said.

The Baron is corrupted, I'm certain of it, I suspect his wife is a vampire, but without proof we can't do anything about it.

That's why they're setting the people up against us.

If what you said about the Northern Province is true then there is more to it than just our Barony, someone is behind all this.

Someone with power, someone who wants to bring Death to us all!


Dinah and Dana entered the room, we heard news from our neighbouring Country.

The Kingdom of Mercia? Ernst asked, What news?

Yes Mercia, Dana replied, the Grail Knights have fought a battle against a Horde of Undead last week it seems.

They won, but it has been ages since the Undead have been attacking in such force.

Lucius nodded, that confirms it, we need to warn the Emperor about what is going on here.

I will ask for an inquisitor to investigate, let's tell him of our suspicions about the Baron and his wife.



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